I met Alan when he was eleven years old and I was sixteen. I was dating his

brother Paul. He brought me home to meet his family. It was an eye opening

experience, especially my encounter with Alan. I will never forget that first

meeting! He told me a whopper of a life and cried crocodile tears to prove it!


I believe it was the first and last time he ever lied to me!

Paul started going to church with me and wherever Paul went, Alan soon

followed. It was a good thing! The Lord was in it! We all got saved and filled

with the Holy Ghost. It was the seventies and God was doing a great and

mighty work with all the evidence thereof!


The Lord was using young people to share His love, power and gifts. Alan

was used as a 14 year old boy to put together a singing group, write songs,

manage by booking gigs for the group, lead a choir, pray for healing, cast

out demons, pray for people to be delivered from Satanism and was

entrusted, at age 14, with the choir funds, which was a pretty responsible

position for a young man.


Alan took his bible to school every day where he was taunted and ridiculed

unmercifully by the kids that rode his bus and went to school with him. But

he took it because the Holy Spirit was in him and “Greater is He who is in

me than who is in the world (I John 4:4). The light of the world, Jesus, has

shown through him his whole life!


In faith, Alan prayed for a brain damaged young man to be raised up back to

life and God answered his prayers. In faith, Alan asked God to heal his

throat cancer, and God did! In faith, Alan asked God to heal his broken

heart, and God did! Alan has “walked the walk” and “talked the talk” his

whole life.


Alan has written several very good, interesting books. You should read

them! He has been a prolific writer of Christian songs. He has written

professionally for a Christian Publisher(Xulon Press, a division of Salem

Communications) and has a website that ministers

to many people.


I am blessed to have him as a brother and my very best friend. If Alan

makes you a promise—he will keep it—as he has proven over and over



Even when Alan is hurting and been knocked down by those that he holds

dearest, he never lets go of his faith or his willingness to reach out and help

others and tell them about his Lord and Savior.

Alan is a man of words and a man of faith.

He is someone I go to when I need a friend to pray.

And I am glad to call him my friend.

I pray that you are inspired by his testimony of faith—

Displayed in his heart and by his life.

In Christ’s love,

Kay Dixon Scaglione