Points2Ponder-Fighting Your Fear

Charter members of Nano DayCare!
Charter members of Nano DayCare!

I spent the day with my grandchildren Monday…

No big deal, right?

Wrong—I spent the day with them by myself!



Point2Ponder    When’s the last time you dared yourself—to fight your fear and do what you’re afraid of?


I have to tell you… I was startled by how much I enjoyed myself—and was not consumed with fear!

Fear of what?

Let me give you some background…

You see, I had this major heart attack 4 years ago…

I was supposed to have died—per the doctor; guess I was NOT supposed to die—per God!

But what that One Unexpected Event did for me was…

It made me fear everything.

Everything? Yep—everything.

My poor wife would assure me that it was not going to happen again, but… it happened once, why not again?

I was afraid of being alone with my grandkids because… what if it happened again? And they were with me?

I was afraid of driving between our two homes alone; 100 miles apart, a lot highway—what if it happened while I was driving?

I was afraid of being at either home alone—it happened while I was alone the first time—I didn’t want to die alone.

I was afraid of being in a store alone—what if it happened in a store? Who would take care of me?

All of these fears have haunted me for four long years—wondering, looking over my shoulder, asking “when will it happen?”

But… you see that picture?

NANO DAYCARE was a hands down, raving SUCCESS!

Ca;i's such a beautiful baby!
Ca;i’s such a beautiful baby!

And you know how I know?

Miss Cali didn’t cry one single time!

And Mom and Dad were nowhere to be seen!

She just hugged on me, kissed me and held me… and then we played all morning together.

While big bubba Jett was at school…

And then… she and I went to pick him up… BY OURSELVES…

And… I took the two of them to McDonald’s—BY MYSELF!

I can’t believe I did that—I could have driven straight back to their house… that was the plan, but…

I promised Big Bro Jett that I would reward him if he was good in school.

So a Happy Meal was his reward—Inside the store!

And there I was—car seat on one arm, Jett on the other hand.

And I ordered and we got our meals and sat down…

And I looked around and said “WOW! Am I really doing this?”

And apparently, I was!

We went to their home, and I took them outside, both of them… and we kicked the ball on the front lawn for 30 minutes.

Just us—and I didn’t think about it one time!!

Not once!

We know what IT is… having a second heart attack!

All those what ifs?

Not once did I sit and wonder—honestly, those kids wore me out—who had the time to fear anything but them?

Would Cali cry?

Would Jett get bored?

Would they ask for their parents—a true sign that a child is “over” you watching them!

But… instead, Cali held on for dear life, and leaned in to kiss me—on her own.

But… instead, Jett asked me to stay longer and to help him with his homework, which I did…and then stayed longer.

As I was driving back home… I called my lovely wife, the love of my life… on my Bluetooth, through my new Kobe Soul…

And said, “I conquered them all today—and I wasn’t afraid, not even once”

She lovingly said “And I am so proud of you—I knew you could do it—but today, you proved to yourself that you could!”

And I felt so thankful to God for giving me this day with my grandkids to prove to me what HE already knew…

Until HE calls me home…quit worrying about it… when it’s time, it’s time… no matter where I am…

But until it’s time… NANO DAYCARE is officially open for business!

Every daycare needs one-- a bright red ball! Perfect!
Every daycare needs one– a bright red ball! Perfect!