Points2Ponder-Championing A Cause

Join the fight to cure all cancer!
Join the fight to cure all cancer!

February 4th was World Cancer Day!

When we all Stop to remember those who lost their fight…

Stand and applaud those who won their fight

And Pause to Pray for those in the middle of the fight!

It doesn’t matter which kind it is…it’s deadly and it is an equal opportunity offender!

I lost my mom Rose Scaglione to liver cancer.

I lost my best friend Ellen Bullard to stomach cancer.

And now… it is trying its best with my forever friend Sandy May—but she’s a fighter with ferocious faith!

No giving up in that warrior!

We take up a cause for a reason…


Point2Ponder When’s the last time you championed a cause? What made you get involved? Was it personal?


A cause is not a hobby—not like collecting old toys, like I do… or crocheting or knitting or stamp collecting.

That’s not a cause!

A cause is a fight that you identify with and apply your energy to and exercise your right to promote.

All because… it’s personal!

Yep—most causes become causes because it became personal!

I have a little sister who champions the cause against Lupus—because she has Lupus.

I have a best friend who champions the cause against Asperger’s Disease—because her grandsons have it.

I have a sister who champions the cause against breast cancer—because her step-daughter is a survivor.

I have a friend who champions the cause against autism—because her son has it.

I have championed the cause against Heart Disease – because I had a heart attack at age 49.

By the way—February is American Heart Health Month—know the signs of heart attack for men AND women! Get checked!

Whatever it is—diabetes, cancer, autism, men’s mental health, Crohn’s, Pro-Life—


Either you or someone you love has had to encounter a fight for their life, either physically or mentally!

It’s what takes us from the sidelines to the playing field!

When you are invested in the goal of seeing the disease eradicated or minimized in your loved one’s life.

When you are committed to seeing a change that will affect a life—even IF it’s NOT your life!

That’s why I ask—what cause will you champion?

And what will it take before you step up and say “I stand up against ________!”

Whatever that blank is filled with—are you dedicated to contributing the most important asset you have?—YOU!

And… you are passionate about your cause—enough to speak about it, promote it, invest in it, spend money on it!

Give yourself and your time and talent – to bringing awareness to your cause!

And for that—I stand and applaud each of you!

No matter what your cause is—it is a worthy cause that you are passionate about – You make it a worthy cause!

And IF you do NOT have a cause that you champion?

WOW! I guess you have gotten through life unscathed.

 No losses that changed your life, no health scares that woke you up?

Good for you…

But… look over your shoulder—your time is coming—someone you love will be devastated.

And then… you will decide—if they are worth your time, your effort, your passion, your commitment…

To champion their cause!

I gotta tell ya—that passion runs deep, but the commitment runs deeper—all in the name of love!

And …

We are a better person once we have championed a cause.

We are a better friend once we have stood up and got counted.

We are a better husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, cousin once we have understood—

What hurts them, hurts us!

What affects them, affects us!

What helps them, helps us!

So… pick a cause, whatever your heart tells you—

But don’t deprive yourself of the life changing glorious experience of saying:

It’s World Cancer Day and I stand up for my friend Sandy May!

Sandy and her ferocious faith inspire me!
Sandy and her ferocious faith inspire me!