Reflections of Discipleship


"Dawson doing a kind deed for his great grandma!"
“Dawson doing a kind deed for his great grandma!”

That’s Awesome Dawson!

He is my sister’s grandson…and he is my Aunt Ciria’s pride and joy.

I know a little something about a boy being your pride and joy!

And Dawson was hers.

She is the one who used to call him “Awesome Dawson!”

When she left us for Heaven…it really affected him.

He missed his Nani so much…he has a tender heart and is full of compassion.

He is a good boy.

And he is very involved in cub scouts.

Earning every badge he can to show what a faithful and dutiful scout he is.

We are all so proud of him…

This month—he had to earn his “Faith” badge!

And my sister called and asked if I would talk to Dawson about faith—in general and..mine specifically.

I seem to be witnessing a lot to our “next generation of believers” lately.

I was honored to be asked—Dawson means a lot to me—I promised my Aunt that I would always be in his life.

And I take my deathbed promises seriously—and I keep each one that I have ever made!

So… I set up some time to talk with Dawson about faith.

We talked on the phone for about 30 minutes—he asked questions, I answered them.

I shared my faith. I gave him some real life examples of faith in action.

It is important when dealing with young people that you keep the examples relatable and understandable.

We talked about God and Jesus and faith and believing and doing the right thing and random acts of kindness.

And gratitude!

I assigned some homework:

+First thing you do when you wake up each morning, before getting out of bed, thank God for 5 things.

+Do some chores for his great grandma(pictured in the above photo with him) and spend time with her.

+Perform a Random Act of Kindness(RAK) for someone—and he could not reveal that he did the RAK!


I checked on him on Thursday, and he reported that he was doing his “Thankfuls” each morning. He also had arranged to go to his great grandma’s house on Saturday for her birthday to do some yard chores and… he had already done a RAK for his teacher—and she did not know it was him!


Very proud—he was listening.

All of this was just real life application of faith in action, “doing is believing” and sharing kindness to others.

All tenets of the Christian Faith—but also, all just good character building exercises.

That’s what discipleship is – apprenticeship of faith—teaching by example, learning by doing!

The Word says “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart!” Proverbs 22:6

I was a youth pastor for 15 years, and I always told the parents “that doesn’t say when they are teens that they will not depart…or that they may not waver and try some things, but…it DOES say, when they are old, grown, matured, they will not depart! So hold on…and wait for the end…because they will return to what they have been taught!”

And that’s why it’s so important that we build the blocks of Faith—teach them by our example.

Just like I am doing with Dawson; Just like his parents are doing; Just like his grandparents are doing.

It really does take a village to raise a child—one that we can be proud of and can be responsible and caring!

And it takes that village to be willing to raise that child—train that child, invest time and talent in that child.

We have a responsibility to our next generation to train them in the way that they should go…

That takes a lot of effort and a lot of dedication to the goal of producing a respectable member of our society.

So… who are you discipling?

And what are you teaching them?

Will they follow your lead when they are old?

And is that lead something they should be following?

Don’t waste their time…their life depends on you!

Discipleship needs a student…and a Teacher!

Who are you teaching what to?

And… if you are not…what a shame…

For them…and for you.

There’s a real joy in teaching them life!