Points2Ponder-What Would You Leave Behind?

This is the face of "a life well lived!"
This is the face of “a life well lived!”

Mortality… something we never think about.


Well… it’s something I have been thinking about a lot.

There’s a poem I live by called “That Man is a Success”…

Here it is:

That Man Is A Success…

Who has lived well,

Laughed often and loved much;

Who has gained the respect

Of intelligent men

And the love of children;

Who has filled his niche

And accomplished his task;

Who leaves the world better

Than he found it,

Whether by an improved poppy,

A perfect poem

Or a rescued soul;

Who never lacked appreciation

Of earth’s beauty

Or failed to express it;

Who looked for the best in others

            And gave the best he had.

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you thought about… dying… and what you’re leaving behind?

I have lived my life with this poem in mind.

Over the years, I have gone through the checklist:

Have I laughed often and loved much?

Have I gained the respect of intelligent men?

 – I didn’t care about buffoons—I just wanted intelligent men to respect me!

Do children love me?

Have I filled my niche ?

Have I accomplished my task?

Have I left the world better…either by a poem I’ve written or… or rescuing a soul?

Have I stopped to appreciate earth’s beauty and paused to express it?

I remember seeing the Grand Canyon, and I wrote a poem that said “I saw God’s footprint today!”

Have I looked for the best in others?

Have I given the best I have?

As I look in the mirror, and that man looking back looks older than I feel…

I pause and realize… soon—I will not be looking at him again.

Sooner than I want to accept.

But… when that time comes…

Will I be satisfied to know…I have lived a life well lived?

There’s so much that I still want to do…

But… IF I don’t get to do one thing more…

Am I satisfied that I have lived well, loved much and appreciated the blessings bestowed upon me?

And the answer… for me…

Is Yes!

I am completely satisfied with the life that I’ve been given, the life I have lived, the journey I have taken.

Even with the extreme emotional pain that others have inflicted on me, the betrayal of loved ones, the loss of dear ones…

Still—I will close my eyes for the last time and smile!

I gave the best I had!

Not that I am planning to go anywhere anytime soon!

I’ve always said “I’ve got my reservation made, but…I am NOT in a hurry to get there!”

But, what about you?

Are you satisfied that you have had a life well lived?

Do you feel like you gave it the best you had?

And…if not, why not?

At some point…we really do have to stop blaming others for the fact that we are not happy with ourselves.

Yes—they did something horrific and traumatizing to you—

BUT – what will you do with the rest of your life?

Haven’t THEY stolen enough time from you?

How about taking it back, living your life, making those memories, giving your BEST!

This is not a “Rah! Rah!” cheerleader speech!

It’s a checkpoint, reality check statement – IF you died today, would you be satisfied with the life you lived?

Not “what you didn’t get to do” stuff—

It’s the “what I got to do made me feel exuberance, exhilaration, ecstasy! Joy and Peace, wrapped up into Passion!

Don’t die wondering what passion feels like.

Don’t let anyone take that opportunity to “laugh ‘til you peed your pants” away from you.

Don’t stop caring, because that’s really when you stop living!

Time is ticking, and it waits for no man…or woman!

IF you haven’t lived “a life well lived”….

Get at it!