Points2Ponder-Describe You In One Word!


"How would you describe this guy?"
“How would you describe this guy?”


I’ve have often been described as Type – A.

My cardiac doctor said that negatively when he explained how I had a heart attack at age 49.

He said “You Type-A’s don’t ever stop for anything—until anything stops you! And gets your attention! Serious as a heart attack!”

I have often been asked what part of New York I was from?

I tell them Seffner—they then say “what borough is that in?”

And I smile and say “Florida!”

And they are astounded—I’m from Florida?

I’m not from New York City?

I guess you could say that I am focused, driven, on-point, assertive.

And yeh, sometimes, maybe even aggressive.

None of which normally go along with the description  that I am most proud of –“Southern Gentleman!”

Point2Ponder           What’s the one word people use to… describe you?

I have a part time job that I do for my publishing company who I publish my books through—Xulon Press.

I am their reporter and interview their most successful authors and compile the information into an interview which is distributed on our

Website www.xulonpressblog.com in a column called Successful Author Spotlight.

Check it out sometime—very interesting Christian authors who are changing their world with their commitment to be a change champion.

I also provide my opinion of the experiences I have had with publishing both of my books with Xulon.

So occasionally, they will enlist me as a testimonial for prospective authors who want to know that the process was like.

They will call or email me, and I set up some time, on my own dime, to answer their questions and share my experiences.

It’s a way of paying it forward—I was once that new author who was scared and unsure and needed sage advice—and received it.

So now—it’s my turn.

I got a call from a rep who wanted to have someone call me for a testimonial.

I wholeheartedly offered my services to answer any questions they may have.

She thanked me and said “Alan, everyone in the office is so excited with your passion: to help, to write, to share, to encourage, to inspire!”

Then she continued and said “Please don’t ever lose your passion—that’s the one word everyone around uses for you—and it’s refreshing!”



The one word used to describe me…

And yet—I have heard that all of my life—from colleagues, from friends, from family… I am a passionate person.

I have always said “there’s no wonder in me—if I love you, you know it; if I don’t, you know it!”

But to hear a colleague I have never met tell me that people describe me with that one word—it was surprising.

It caused me to reflect—is that the one word that I want used to describe me?

I am an “all out” or “all in” kind of guy.

I have often said that I see emotions in colors—and I talk about my Bright Red Moments!

And I won’t trade anything for a Bright Red Moment—priceless!

My praise is passionate—my relationships are passionate—my consecration is passionate.

And yet—I never ever think about it.

Until I heard her say “that’s the one word everyone uses to describe you!”

And I pondered on that word… and I dug deep inside my soul, and I realized…

No better word I could pick—

To live an ordinary life extraordinarily well—that’s always been my goal!

And if my passion is contagious, then let me set the world on fire!

There’s a whole lot worse words for people to use to describe you, right?

Right—I’m okay with “passion!”

Just makes me wonder—

What Word do they use to describe you?

And… are you happy with that description?

And… if not, what are you willing to do… to change it?

Think about it…