Reflections of… Prayer!

"Jett in his bowling shoes!"
“Jett in his bowling shoes!”

Reflections Of… Prayer!

It had been a great weekend so far.

I had spent the day on a playdate with Jett.

Just me and Nano’s Little Buddy.

He and I went to the bowling alley and bowled.

He loved it!

He didn’t quite get the concept of back and forth, taking turns, bowling.

Nah! He liked it so much—he bowled 6 times in a row—even IF it said my name three of those times.

Hey…he’s a 4 year old… with his Nano!

The rules are whatever Jett says they are!

We went to Wal-Mart—to get a toy!

I know, I know…I’m working on it…

What am I working on?

Apparently, Jett now thinks “everyone” should bring him presents just because Nano always brings him a present.

And apparently, it’s my mess to fix.

Guess I will work on that next visit.

But today, Jett led the way to the Skylanders section.

He just had to have ShroomBroom!

And, after much indecisiveness and a few trips back to the Skylanders display…Jett was sure he wanted ShroomBroom!

And then lunch…

Did I mention that we were in Wal-Mart?

Did I mention that they have a McDonald’s in Wal-Mart?

Did I mention that we are not the kind of people who eat in the McDonald’s in Wal-Mart?

Guess I forgot to mention that to Jett!

He thought it was cool and decided that’s where he wanted to have lunch.

And remember the rule—Jett gets to decide whatever we do—so, there I was, in the McDonald’s in Wal-Mart, having lunch.

If my friends could see me now!

I deposited him back with his parents—and I knew—it had been a priceless moment with my grandson!

The rest of my day was spent at My Adult Toy Store…

Home Depot!

I love that place! I could spend hours in there—just looking at new gadgets and old tools—things I want to do with our house.

But probably never will!

Bella and I had dinner with my brother and his wife at a place on the beach where we have never been.

I had taken a sunset picture with my brother—and not with my wife—how random is that? How funny!

"My Big Brother and me at Sunset!"
“My Big Brother and me at Sunset!”

We got home and were settling in for the night… after a very enjoyable, rewarding, peaceful, fun-filled day!

9:46 pm!

Phone rings!

I can see that it’s my friend Sandy… a bit late for her to be calling. I know her pattern…she is usually asleep by now.

Unless… she can’t sleep and wants to talk.

“Hey friend…you’re up late!” I answered the phone.

“I need you to pray for me—I’m on my way to the Emergency Room!”

She went on to explain why she was going.

And I said “Let’s pray now!”

And we did!

We prayed like it mattered—because it did!

We prayed like she mattered – because she does!

We prayed like we believed He was listening—because He was!

As she hung up the phone… she thanked me for praying… I told her I always will, and she said “I know. I can count on that!”

And those words just hung out there—and made me wonder “Who do we know will pray when we ask?”

I have my Faithful Five—who I turned around and notified of Sandy’s situation so they could pray for my forever friend!

But, in a world of casual Christianity, seeker friendly, “don’t want to offend” religion—

who stands out when we need someone to stand up?

The Word says “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man or woman avails much!”

In other words “Those who know how to pray effectively and are in right standing with God are heard and given attention!”

What makes “those prayer warriorsThose?

The one you call. The one you text. The one you know—will pray!

And are you Those?