Day 2: Surrender to God, Matthew 3:30

Your Daily Dose

Theme: Surrender to God

Scripture : Matthew 3:30

I must decrease so He will increase!

Points To Ponder

This scripture is referring to the constant struggle we face every day of wanting to be

more like Jesus and yet, wanting to live our lives as we see fit. We really can’t have it

both ways.

When you reach that place in relationship with Christ where you want His will more than

your own, where you desire His plans above your plans, when you just want to spend

time with Him in worship and praise…

That’s when you understand…more of Him, less of me.

There’s a story that talks about two wolves that wrestle every day in our hearts.

One taunts us to do evil; the other, always encourages us to do good.

Each day…it’s a new fight, a new struggle, a new competition.

And the story goes that the boy asked,

“Who wins?”

And the grandfather answered “The one you feed!”

So…who will you feed? Who will win control of your heart? Who will you be directed by?

The one you feed!

I must decrease…so He will increase…in my life…in my heart, in my world!

Let’s Pray Together

Heavenly Father, I come to you today, wanting more of you and less of me. I

surrender my hopes and dreams and plans and control to you willingly, wanting

more of Your Love, Your Peace, Your Joy…in my life. I declare that I will only feed

the good, starve the bad and seek to please you with my choices. I surrender to

your will.

More of you in my life today, I pray.