Day 3: Where Do I Go In Times of Turmoil?, Psalm 121

Your Daily Dose

Theme: Where Do I Go In Times of Turmoil?

Scripture : Psalm 121

I will look to the hills from whence forth comes my help. My help comes from the

Lord, which made Heaven and earth.

Points To Ponder

In times of turmoil, when your world has been shaken to its core, and you honestly don’t

know where to turn or whom to turn to… there is the Lord!

This scripture breaks it down for us:

I look to the hills- I look upward, as high as I can look, for my answer, for the one who

has the answer.

From Whence forth comes my help- I know exactly where to turn to, the only one who

can help me at my lowest point.

My help comes from the Lord- I recognize that the only source I need, the only source

I can trust, is my Lord and Savior.

Which made Heaven and Earth – His credentials prove He is the right choice- look

around, He made all of this!

Remind yourself who you are dealing with—He made Heaven and Earth! Who else can

say that?

No matter what you are dealing with—Jesus is big enough to take it on and take it off

your back.

If … you will give it to Him and let Him have it.

He will NOT rip it from your arms…He will take it off your hands.

Are you ready to let someone who is able and willing… carry your load?

Let’s Pray Together

Lord Jesus, I can’t carry this load by myself any longer. I need you to take this

from me. I recognize that you are the maker of Heaven and Earth, and I trust you

to handle this situation however it needs to be handled. You know what’s best

and you know how to make this impossible possible. I open my arms and

willingly give this burden to you. I will rest in knowing it is now in the hands of

the only one who can truly fix it best and make it right. Thank you, Lord… for

carrying my burden for me.