Day 4: God’s Plan For Dealing With Depression?, I Kings 19

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Theme: God’s Plan For Dealing With Depression?

Scripture : I Kings 19

But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down

under a juniper tree; and he requested for himself that he might die; and said , It

is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life, for I am not better than my fathers.


Points To Ponder

Depression is rampant in our world today. Everyone is depressed about something at

some point in their lives. Unfortunately, most people turn to the “professionals” to help

them with this—and the “professionals” prescribe pills to wake you up, pills to settle you

down, pills to put you to sleep. We have become a pill popping, zombie-esque society,

so willing to surrender our sanity to those we pay to tell us what’s wrong. For some,

their condition must be medically treated, and we know they need the medicine to

maintain their stability. There is nothing wrong with seeking help from the professionals

when there is something chemically wrong in your brain, like a cancer that you did not

cause, you cannot fix and you don’t know how to make it go away. A professional is

necessary and advised in those situations.

But sometimes…

We need to understand that God can help the rest of us get over those momentary

bumps in the road when you get so overwhelmed that you actually say “it is enough, O

Lord, take away my life!”

This chapter catches up with my favorite Old Testament Hero – Elijah! In chapter 18, he

has just seen rain fall after 7 years of drought, and he also preached his best sermon

when he declared “choose ye this day, whom will you serve?” after killing 450 prophets

of Baal.

But…he got the King’s wife really mad at him; Jezebel said she was going to have his

head on a platter!

And what did he do? The man who called rain down from Heaven and demanded a

choice after killing 450 witch doctors…

He ran as fast as he could to the wilderness…and he found himself a juniper tree.

Here a few things to learn from this.

A juniper does not provide much shade.

Ravens do not feed anyone else—they are scavengers, only feeding themselves.

Brooks are small rivers that come from big rivers because they are connected to them.

But…when God sets the scene…

He allowed Elijah to sleep under a tree for a long time… under the shade.

He had ravens bring Elijah food each day—ravens? They eat, they don’t bring…

someone besides themselves!

And in the middle of a wilderness, this juniper tree just happened to be by a brook with

fresh water.

Hmm? No river for the brook to be connected to? But there it was…flowing with fresh


So God did NOT scream at Elijah “Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and shake it off!”

And God did not expect Elijah to just suck it up and keep moving and pretend you’re not


And one more thing—God did not expect Elijah to deny that he was scared and hurting

and needed someone to help.


God gave Elijah time to rest and eat and drink…and rest and eat and drink.

For several days!

And surprisingly, during this time—Jezebel NEVER found Elijah!

After a season of rest and refocus and rebuild of the spirit…

One day…the ravens quit coming and the brook just dried up!

It was time for Elijah to get back on his way…back on his journey, back to his life!

What lessons can we learn from Elijah?

Three things:


E= Everybody needs time to adjust to changes that are not expected and not welcomed.

A = Acknowledge that you may need someone to help you through this time, a raven

and a brook.

T=Treat the situation with kindness, understanding and empathy—Cut yourself some


So you may feed a cold and starve a fever, but…

When it comes to Depression…EAT!

Let’s Pray Together

God I come to you today, just needing someone to help me through this bump in

the road. I am hurting and I can’t take care of myself. Let me find rest and

understanding in you. Send those who don’t normally help others to help me and

provide fresh water in places I would never expect. When it is time for me to get

up and get back on my way, help me find my path back to the journey you have

planned out for me. I know you will take care of me; I trust your love for me…you

will always protect me. Thank you for your patience as I walk through this

wilderness in my life.