Day 5: Kicking Condemnation To The Curb, Romans 8:1

Your Daily Dose

Theme: Kicking Condemnation To The Curb

Scripture : Romans 8:1

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who

walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.


Points To Ponder

Condemnation is your enemy’s greatest tool against you. Feeling that sense that

others are judging you and determining that you are in the wrong and they are

better than you—that can make anyone feel defeated and want to stop whatever

good thing they are doing. But that’s reason your enemy uses it—it’s so effective.

But this scripture declares that:

IF we walk in the Spirit

AND NOT in the flesh…

THEN…there is no condemnation for those of us who are in Christ!

Question is?

Are you walking in the Spirit?

Here’s a test.

Is what you are doing helping others or helping you?

Helping others? In the Spirit of service to others.

Helping yourself? In the Spirit of service to your flesh.

Our flesh only wants to do things that benefit and please the flesh.

It’s as easy as that.

Like the old line when you are praying about the right amount to give in offering.

Let’s just say—God NEVER tells you to give LESS!

So you can lift your head up high.

IF you know that you are following after the Holy Spirit and serving others in your


Then you can ignore the naysayers, disregard the poo-poo’ers…

And just rise above and live on Love.

His Love…He is telling you—I’m Proud Of you and what you’re doing.

And remember…it’s ONLY HIS OPINION the matters!

When we get to the place where we trust in what God thinks of us…

We have reached a place of peace in God…knowing that HE approves of US!

And HIS approval is the only one you should seek, right? Right!

Let’s Pray Together

Father God, I pray that you will give me courage to do what you’ve asked me to

do so that I can please you. Remind me when the enemy uses those around me to

try to thwart the work that you have asked me to do…that’s what an enemy

does—tries to slow down or stop the plan that is unfolding. Help me to only need

your approval and to rise above those who may cast aspersions on my character

and my actions…as I walk in the Spirit, I will feel no condemnation.

In Jesus name, I pray.