Day 6: Your Enemy is Complacency, Deuteronomy 6:10-15

Your Daily Dose

Theme: Your Enemy is Complacency

Scripture : Deuteronomy 6:10-15

When thou hast eaten and are full, they beware lest thou forget the Lord!


Points To Ponder

We all need something to strive for. It is in our nature to fight to get the prize. Our

nation encourages competition in the workplace and in our neighborhood.

“Keeping up with the Joneses” used to be a saying that meant we had to have

whatever the latest and greatest that our neighbors just go—had to “one up”

them. Once we get everything we thought we ever wanted, that car, that house,

that job, that ring, that “that”…we then become complacent, that sense of “just

don’t care” and that starts to eat away at other areas of our life. We don’t care

anymore about keeping up with the Joneses, but we also don’t care about

keeping up appearances or keeping up with friends or family. The complacency is

a cancer that eats away at your joy. Think about how everyone feels after

Thanksgiving Dinner! “Yuck! I can’t eat another thing—but wait, there’s dessert? I

can’t move. I can’t eat one more bite. You go on without me…I just want to take a

nap!” and that’s exactly what we do…take that nap. Sleep it off. Miss out on the

football game the cousins always have or the sing-along the family always does

or the long walk around the neighborhood that your spouse wants you to

take…nope…we’ve gotta sleep because we are so full.

That’s how it is with our relationship with Jesus sometimes. We pray and pray

and pray for something specific to happen. When our prayers are finally

answered, we are satisfied.

Sometimes….satisfaction is your enemy!

Satisfaction can lead to complacency which can lead to apathy which can lead to


Withdrawal from your relationship with Christ.

Ask yourself what you normally do when you are full…you sleep!

What if you are sleeping on your relationship with the Lord?

Don’t ever get so satisfied with the way things are that you don’t strive for a

closer walk or a better understanding or a stronger anointing.

You have to always want more…of the Lord!

When you have eaten and are full…then beware, lest you forget the Lord!

Never ever forget the Lord.

There’s a line that says…”In this life, if you meet me and forget me, you have lost

nothing. But, if you meet the Lord and lose Him? You have lost everything!”

There’s a favorite song called “I miss my time with you!”

It pictures God as sitting in an old familiar place, just waiting for us to come by

and talk, converse, share life!

Stay hungry for more time with God; stay yearning for a deeper walk with the


Let’s Pray Together

Dear Lord, I ask you to keep me hungry for you. Remind me to always seek your

face, your will and your presence in my life. Never let complacency steal my

relationship with you. I promise to always be sensitive to your Spirit so I can stay

in touch with your plan for my life…a simple plan that just has me seeking more

of you!