Day 8: Faith of a Few Good Friends, Luke 5:18-26

Your Daily Dose

Theme: Faith of a Few Good Friends

Scripture : Luke 5:18-26

And behold, men brought in a bed a man which was taken with a palsy; and they

sought means to bring him in, and to lay him before Him. And when they could

not find by what way they might bring him in because of the multitude, they went

upon the housetop, and let him down through the tiling with his couch into the

midst before Jesus. And when He saw Their faith, He said “Man, thy sins are

forgiven thee! I say unto thee, Arise and take up thy couch and go into thine



Points To Ponder

The beauty of this passage is…this is one of the only times when the “faith of a

few good friends” impressed Jesus so much, He healed the man based on his

friends’ faith, not on the man’s faith. Jesus looked at all of the effort that these

men put forth just to get their friend to Jesus. They tried bringing him in through

the conventional means, but the crowd was too thick, and they could not get their

friend through the crowd. Most people would have given up and said to their

friend “we tried. I’m sorry we couldn’t get you to Jesus, but…we tried our best!”

Not these friends. They thought outside of the box! If we can’t go through the

crowd, let’s lower him down from the roof! Can you imagine being a part of the

crowd that day—they must have been shocked! I can imagine them looking at the

couch being lowered in front of Jesus while Jesus is speaking and healing the

sick. You have to admit—it was NOT what you would have expected, but doing

what was not expected got God’s attention—and impressed Jesus!

Maybe you are that kind of friend. If your friend is in a situation, and they

desperately need a touch from the Lord, are you willing to think outside the box,

do the heavy lifting and lower your friend down from the roof just to get in front of


What are you willing to do for a friend?

How far will you go before you quit?

What is that friend worth to you?

Remember, you might just impress Jesus with your persistence and prayer and


Be persistent—don’t give up, keep fighting for your friend.

Be in prayer always—make sure you stand in the gap in prayer; hold a vigil for

your friend.

Be in praise over the outcome—Begin to thank God for the answered prayer


Bombard Heaven with your petition for your friend.

Do for them what you would hope someone would do for you!

Impress Jesus—Break some tiles!

Let’s Pray Together

Lord, I pray today that you will find my faith for my friend pure and strong and

able to impress. I want you to help my friend

(insert your friend’s name here) by touching their body today. I know you are their

Healer and I believe that you will honor my faith for their healing. I thank you

already for the healing in their lives. I also thank you for honoring my faith. I know

that you are the one I turn to when I need help with something I can’t fix…and I

need your help for my friend today.

Thank you for hearing my prayer.