Points2Ponder-Letting Go Of A Dream

Max meets Kobe! The passing of the baton! The New Improved Dream!
Max meets Kobe! The passing of the baton! The New Improved Dream!

So I always said… “My next car will be a BMW 745!”

And I meant it—all 10 years that I have been saying it.

All those 10 years while I’ve been driving my 1997 Ford Expedition.

Driving it through 6 teenagers, one of which is a son!

And that son decided to take his friends on a wild ride on rainy night…

That would be the night I got the call about the “flat tire!”

That’s what my 16 year old son called it—funny though, the AAA guy said “This rim is bent—he did more than just get a flat tire!”

My $400 rim—that was somehow bent from getting a flat tire.

Yeh—about that!

I found out about 5 years later that—he was doing crazy 8’s with the truck, on a rainy night, to impress his friends…

And…hit the curb, causing the “bent rim”!

The things you find out years later!

I always called my truck “Max!” I’d say “To the Max, Max!” and the kids would go “Papa, that’s so corny!” or “lame”, or “mature!”

Depending on the teenager—I told you we had 6 of those, right?

But the deal was—no Beamer until—Max died!

Did I mention that Ford Trucks are Ram Tough? Yep—287,000 miles later—Max is still kicking—at 12 miles per gallon—but, still runs like a champ.

I was never getting my BMW!

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you had to let go of a dream because… it just wasn’t what you wanted anymore?

So… 15 years later, I still have Max!

And… 15 years later, Max still runs like a champ.

And … 15 years later, I am no closer to getting that BMW 745 series!

But… funny thing is… 15 years later, that BMW drives by me, and where as I used to just daydream about someday owning that car…

Today? I just go “Wow! Pretty car, but… I would NOT want those payments!”

Yeh—funny thing happened in the last 15 years…I got closer to retirement!

And that means—closer to realizing that—I do not want a house payment for a car!

Nope—I had to let go of that dream—not that I don’t remember how much I salivated every time I saw that 745 wiz by me all those years.

But, I accepted that some dreams—are just that—dreams—and for me, I want to scale down, spend less, travel more, and prepare for my “slow down” years!

Whatever that means?

Bottom line is—sometimes we have to reevaluate our dreams and reassess their likelihood of ever becoming a reality.

And for me—that BMW will continue to wiz by…I just won’t be salivating anymore.

Nope—I readjusted my dream! I relocated my vision! I revamped my priorities!

Did I mention how much I love those Rappin’ Thug Hampsters?

You know the ones—“Well you can go with this, or you can go with that!”

I think they sell a little scootabout called a Kia Soul!

Well—I have loved that little car since it came out a few years ago!

Definitely NOT a BMW!


Definitely NOT a house payment to pay for either!

And… 30 miles per gallon!

Hello!!! I said 30 mpg versus 12 mpg!

Well… “Max… meet Kobe Soul!”

Yep—we did it!

We just “readjusted” the Dream—and bought a 2014 Kia Soul!

And—I love it!


And to prove it—

A BMW 745 passed me by this weekend!

I heard Kobe Soul say “That’s okay—we’re planning a Road Trip to New England!”

At 30 miles per gallon?                                                                        

Heck—I’m  planning a trip to Hawaii!