Day 16: I will do a New Thing, Isaiah 43:18-21

Your Daily Dose

Theme: I will do a New Thing

Scripture : Isaiah 43:18-21

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I

will do a new thing, not it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make

a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. This people have I formed for

myself; they shall show forth my praise.

Points To Ponder

So many times in our lives, we are faced with challenges of handling something

new. Some people say that they “don’t handle change very well!” and that’s their

excuse for having a tough time every time life throws them a curve.


The only thing that doesn’t change is…CHANGE!

It’s a constant because…it ALWAYS changes!

You need to embrace change and ask yourself…

“If God let this change come to me, then it had to go through Him first;

If it went through Him first—then HE knows I can do this!

I have to trust in the confidence He has in me that I CAN accomplish this!”

I have often said “I have to trust God’s opinion of me because…

He thinks I can do this—I don’t, but... what I think doesn’t matter!

He is the one in charge! He thinks I can do this—so…with His help—I WILL do


And ask yourself why?

He wants to “stretch” us!

Remember growing up, we all had “growing pains” at night!

Then, within one summer, we grew 4 inches!

How’d that happen?

We STRETCHED as we slept—and voila! We were taller!

That’s what God is doing here—and we all want to be taller, right?

So embrace change—allow yourself to stretch so you can be the Christian God

wants you to be.

The last scripture gives us the reason He does this!

So they shall show forth MY PRAISE!

It’s all about being the image God sees us be!

So we can reflect HIM in our lives and…give HIM the praise HE deserves!

It comes down to praise!

Let everything that has breath—Praise Ye the Lord!

So….get your Praise On—and quit fearing Change! God ordered it, so…embrace


Let’s Pray Together

Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me today for all of the times I have

complained about the changes that come into my life. I repent from always asking

“why!” and I ask you to help me embrace the changes that YOU send my way so I

may stretch into the person you designed…one that reflects You! I commit today

to embrace the changes, welcome the opportunity to grow in you and give you

praise in the process! I will not let a rock take my place—I’m gonna praise you in

all things!

Even Change!

In the precious name of Jesus I do pray,