Day 20: Having Done All To Stand, Ephesians 6:13

Your Daily Dose

Theme: Having Done All To Stand

Scripture : Ephesians 6:13

Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to

withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand…Stand therefore!

Points To Ponder

There are times in life when you have tried all that you know to do, and it still isn’t

fixing the situation. You have prayed and fasted and asked for prayer and done

everything that everyone has said to do, but still… it doesn’t seem to fixing


It’s in those times that you have to understand….

Having done all to stand…you stand!

This has been a theme scripture with the youth groups I have youth pastored. I

wanted the teenagers to learn a principle in life—sometimes, you just have to:

stand up for what you believe

stand up for someone you believe in

stand up for something you want more than anything

It is an act of allegiance to stand up and say “I know whom I have believed and

am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto HIM against

that day!”

You see—that’s where faith kicks in.

When it’s not showing up, not happening immediately, not presto poof appearing!

That’s when you STAND!

Maybe you are facing a situation that is not fixing itself, and you have prayed and

fasted and done it all twice, but still…nothing!

You going to give up?

NO way, Jose!

That’s when you dig deep into your soul and find the strength to…


I can tell you…God healed me of throat cancer because I took a Stand!

And He doesn’t forget what you need…He just knows exactly when you need it!

God misses a whole lot of opportunities to be early…

But He is never late…He’s an ONTIME God!

So..get up!

Come on…Stand up!

There you go…now determine in your heart…

Having done all to stand…STAND!

Let’s Pray Together

Lord, when things seem to not be going my way, remind me that you have it all in

control. When I am not sure how to handle a situation or what my next step

should be—remind me to just Stand and let you take care of it. I ask for your help

in learning the lesson that sometimes, I just need to do nothing after I’ve done

everything I can, and it’s still not fixed. In the end, you are the one who will fix it

perfectly. I just have to stand!

In Jesus’ name I pray,