Day 24: Fire Shut Up In My Bones, Jeremiah 20:9

Your Daily Dose

Theme: Fire Shut Up In My Bones

Scripture : Jeremiah 20:9

Then I said, I will not make mention of Him, nor speak any more in His name. But

His word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones.

Points To Ponder

I have been blessed in my life to feel what we used to call Shakinah Glory! That

feeling that God has touched your body, and you feel like you are on fire—but in

the BEST way possible.

That sense of heavenly energy just jolting you from Top to Toe.

That feeling that you cannot take one more ounce of Heaven—but you hope it will

never stop.

I have laughed uncontrollably.

I have fallen so hard onto a concrete surface—never to feel a thing and got up

with no pain.

I have run around the church on several occasions.

I have cried so hard that I lost my voice.

I have sung so loud that all you could hear is screeching.

I have danced so freely that I lost track of time.

I have knelt in silence in the presence of the Most High!

I know what this scripture means…

I have felt that fire shut up in my bones—and it has to get out!

If you haven’t—you really should ask the Lord for just one Shakinah Glory


It will revolutionalize your worship.

It’s like the first time you are in love!

But better…because it’s not just the first time!

I know people worship differently, but…

I’ve been quiet before the Lord, and it WAS beautiful!

Have you ever been LOUD and FREE and Lost In the Presence of the Lord?

You really should try it…just once.

Like fire shut up in your bones!

Let’s Pray Together

Heavenly Father, reveal your presence to me in a mighty way. Let me feel you

flow through me. Show me the majestic joy of being lost in the presence of the

Lord. Let me experience how David danced before the Lord with all of his might.

Let me know the joy of your presence in my body and soul. Touch me with power

from on high…and let it feel like fire shut up in my bones!

I humbly pray and believe…In Jesus’ name,