Day 28: Restore The Joy Of My Salvation, Psalm 51:12

Your Daily Dose

Theme: Restore The Joy of My Salvation

Scripture : Psalm 51:12

Restore unto me the joy of my salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

Points To Ponder

We don’t often talk about this, but… there are times when we as Christians still

feel sad and depressed. There are disappointments that come into our lives that

lead us to feel sad. We pray and believe and fast and stand in the gap, all the

things we are told to do, and yet, sometimes…our prayers are not answered.

My daughter Ashley and I prayed so hard for something one time—but it didn’t


It affected our family dramatically.

It was her first disappointment spiritually; it was not mine, but it was a big one.

Someone gave me a song that ministered to both of us.

The words are:

And when He chooses not to move in the way we prayed He would

Confident He’s working all together for my good

I will stand upon His word…for He’s Able!

And those words helped both of us.

I have used that passage more times than I can count—helping others, helping


There are times when…we lose sight of the joy of our salvation.

We can walk away and lose the relationship that we have with the Lord.

Many do that after their first disappointment—when God does NOT answer their


And that’s sad…but it’s also life…even life with Christ.

But…that’s when we have to:

Encourage ourselves.

Remind ourselves the He knows best.

Take a spiritual stroll down memory lane and recall over victories.

And pray…yes even when you don’t want to.

Especially when you don’t want to…

Pray that HE will restore the joy of your salvation.

And He will because He really does know best!

By the way… that prayer that God didn’t answer for Ashley and me…

IF He had…I would never have had the joy of being married to my Bella!

And I would not have known what it was like to be loved like she loves me.

He really DOES know best—Trust Him—and just find your joy!

Let’s Pray Together

Lord God…help me to trust when I don’t understand why you didn’t answer a

prayer the way I prayed. I want to not get disappointed and resentful toward you. I

don’t want to get depressed because you weren’t listening. I know that you are

always listening, even when you don’t make your presence known. When I am

down, lift my head so I can see all the good you have given me. Remind of all you

have done for me so I can feel the joy of my salvation return unto me and uphold

me with YOUR free spirit.

You are the lifter of my head and the joy of my salvation.