Destiny’s Day

Destiny’s Day


October 8th, 1997

Dark clouds, gray skies, trouble’s brewing up a storm

Just a feeling, a foreboding, a sense of danger,sense of harm

Can’t escape it,just can’t shake it, something’s coming

‘Round the bend, know it’s coming, can’t seem to stop it

Know it’s ‘bout to bring an end...

To all that’s happening, all that’s growing, all that’s flowing

Down the stream...all that’s good and fair and fine....

All that’s made up of my team

Of my senses, my defenses, my estrangements from myself

Finally listening, finally learning, finally benefitting from the wealth...

Of years of trying, living, dying...knowing life is fleeting past

Wondering, worrying, fighting, scurrying

Climbing, scraping down the path

Called success, claim to fame, destiny’s plan all laid out

Never gaining, never attaining...

never understanding just what it’s all about

Climb that ladder, getting madder, the carrot’s always one foot away

Take control now, stop the rat race....not gonna do it again today.

Finally hoping, finally dreaming, finally steering my own boat

Shed the old man, shed the old suit...putting on a brand new coat...

Of my choosing, my understanding of who I am...

Don’t know where it’s heart’s still pleading....’ll take a stand!