Points2Ponder-Startled By News

Me and my friend Kristy Louise!
Me and my friend Kristy Louise!

Sometimes, life can surprise you.

Sometimes, it can downright slap you in the face.

Sometimes, you can go “What you talkin’ bout Willis?”

Sometimes, life can wake you up and say “I didn’t see that coming!”

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you went to sleep thinking one thing… Just to wake up and be startled by the news you received?

So… about that Florida State University Seminoles versus Auburn University Tigers in the BCC Championship game on my birthday, January 6th!

I have a good friend, let’s call her Kristy Louise, who is a die-hard Auburn fan.

Let’s get one point established early on—when it comes to college football, I am a University of Georgia Bulldog, also known as a DAWG!

However… I am surrounded by a family of Seminoles: my bother in Heaven Joe; my only son Schuyler, my lovely wife Bella, and my “Seminole in training” 4 year old grandson Jett. I say “in training” because Jett thought he wanted to be a Florida Gator, because his cousin Mykai is a Gator. I had to educate Jett on why he had to be a FSU Seminole. He protested, pleading “but why, Nano? I want to be a Gator!” I explained that his father was a Nole, and he had to be a Nole. He put up a good fight, but Jett now declares that “I’m a Nole, right Daddy?” as he looks to his father for affirmation. It really is funny to see!

Back to the game. Kristy Louise started talking about her Auburn Tigers and how they were going to beat the FSU Seminoles—before the game even started!

I advised her to get ready for a “smackdown” on the field.

And the game began… and FSU started losing—miserably!

Kristy Louise sent her first few texts—declaring the Tigers were gonna whoop the Noles.

At half time—it looked like she was right!

What was happening to this 13-0 Team?

I will tell you right now—they were losing!

Here’s the part most people do NOT know about this story.

Did I mention that I was a DAWG?

Did I mention that it was my birthday, shared with the quarterback of the FSU Seminoles?

Did I mention that I was tired?

Did I mention that I went to bed?

I may have omitted that last part.

I always wake up at 7 am each morning—to my lovely bride saying “Get up, it’s time for work!”

Oh how I love her sweet declarations just to start my day off on the right foot!

But this morning, I am in a sound sleep, and the door opens because… she closes it when she gets up at 5:30am.


I jump up out of that sound sleep and go “What the Blank?” and yes, I say the word Blank—not that other word you are thinking of right now!

She declares “I can’t believe it—they pulled it off! Turned it around! Everyone is talking about it!”

I shook my head and said again “What did you just say?”

She repeated herself.

I was sitting straight up in bed, shaking my head, going “Well, I didn’t see that coming!”

I walked in at work and everyone was talking about the game—everyone had stayed up until the very end—just like I had!

Yeh—you read that right—suddenly, I remembered that I had stayed up to watch the very end of the game- what a game it was!

I probably forgot to mention to my co-workers that I went to bed at half-time… convinced that FSU had blown their chances of winning!

And all day long, we talked about what a great game it was and how tired we all are from staying up so late—me included.

Guess I should have felt bad about that, huh?

But nope, I didn’t!