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Aggression is de?nedas “a forceful action or procedure (as an unprovoked attack)especially when intended to dominate or master” (Merriam-Webster Online 2012). Biochemical distress is common in aSAH patients despite normal ICP andcerebral perfusion pressures (CPP).

In uncomplicatedMRSA infection, clindamycin (also 6-hourly dosing) and linezolid are suitable agents,although linezolid should be reserved for resistant organisms or recurrent difficult-to-treat infections. But I do want you to know what I’m ruling out with my interview,exam, and tests

But I do want you to know what I’m ruling out with my interview,exam, and tests. (2010) Deep brainstimulation of the ventral intermediate nucleus of the thalamusfor tremor in patients with multiple sclerosis. Scirica BM can you buy prednisone over the counter in mexico Morrow DA, Hod H, Murphy SA, Belardinelli L, Hedgepeth CM,et al.

Keep theexamination setting and the reason for theassessment in mind as you note the client’sdegree of cleanliness and attire. Prophylaxis of influenza A2 during anepidemic or seasonal influenza, especially in highrisk patients

Prophylaxis of influenza A2 during anepidemic or seasonal influenza, especially in highrisk patients. Unfortunately, this is accompanied by inhi-bition of venous return and pulmonary blood?ow induced by the increased intrathoracic pres-sures. Trazodone It is the first atypical anti-depressant; less efficiently blocks 5-HT uptakeand has prominent adrenergic and weak 5-HT2antagonistic actions

Trazodone It is the first atypical anti-depressant; less efficiently blocks 5-HT uptakeand has prominent adrenergic and weak 5-HT2antagonistic actions. Lanyi A, Deb D, Seymour RC, Ludes-Meyers JH, Subler MA, Deb S (1998) ‘Gain of func-tion’ phenotype of tumor-derived mutant p53 requires the oligomerization/nonsequence-speci?c nucleic acid-binding domain

Lanyi A, Deb D, Seymour RC, Ludes-Meyers JH, Subler MA, Deb S (1998) ‘Gain of func-tion’ phenotype of tumor-derived mutant p53 requires the oligomerization/nonsequence-speci?c nucleic acid-binding domain. (2008) The prevalence anddeterminants of subclinical brain infarction. List alternate behaviors toirritability that promote familyharmony. Innumerous mouse studies can you buy prednisone over the counter in mexico and in in vitro studies using murine cells, PVL was not found tosignificantly activate or kill murine neutrophils [24, 25]. Departmentof Labor can you buy prednisone over the counter in mexico Occupational Safety and HealthAdministration(OSHA); an 8h time-weighted average (TWA) limit ofexposure is most commonly used. The venousdrainage of the colon follows the arterial pattern except for the inferior mesenteric vein,which drains into the splenic vein can you buy prednisone over the counter in mexico both of which then join the superior mesenteric vein toform the portal vein. And as we note later, psychiatric profes-sionals often simply ‘rubber stamp’ judgements already made in the lay arena about madness ormisery. (2007) History of childhood mal-treatment is associated with comorbid depression in womenwith migraine. twice the rate of reporting of psychotic symptoms)(King et al. Staphylococcus aureus fibronectin binding proteinsare essential for internalization by osteoblasts but do not account for differences in intracel-lular levels of bacteria.

It was the first pyrimidineantimetabolite to be used as antiviral drug. The argentaffin cells appear black in this specimen.

There, user groups tend toprefer the term ‘patient’, ‘ex-patient’ or ‘survivor’. As anticipated,VT was more stable with A/C + VG, because dur-ing SIMV there are fewer volume-targetedbreaths, and thus a slower adjustment of workingpressure. In their case the inverse agonist stabilizesthe receptor in the inactive conformation resultingin an opposite response.

A chemicalreaction that organophosphate insecticides can undergo inthe body once they are bound to the cholinesterase enzymeis called “aging.” Aging involves the dealkylation of thecompound once it is bound to the cholinesterase enzyme. reported that 74 outof 679 VLBW infants admitted to the NICUdeveloped pneumothorax. Most of the polyps are associated with ahereditary polyposis syndrome and sporadic cases of solitaryPeutz-Jeghers polyps are extremely rare. An anatomic study of the venousdrainage of the transverse rectus abdominus musculocutaneous flap. MR enterography of Crohndisease: part 2 can you buy prednisone over the counter in mexico imaging and pathologic ?ndings. Under certainconditions can you buy prednisone over the counter in mexico however, they are not fully effective, and exces-sive reflux results in pyrosis, a condition more commonlyknown as heartburn. The zona pellucida in humans is composed ofthree classes of sulfated acidic zona pellucida (ZP) glyco-proteins termed ZP-1 (80 to 120 kDa), ZP-2 (73 kDa), andZP-3 (59 to 65 kDa).

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The Faces of our Christmas To Remember!

Amy Grant sings a song that declares that This Is A Christmas to Remember!

And I just couldn’t agree more!

It was just a great holiday season.

Starting with Thanksgiving.

Then there was Our 12-13-14 15th Anniversary Wedding on the Sand.

After that was our Mount Dora Stroll thru the Lights.

There was our Weekend in Savannah right before Christmas.

And then of course—six homes visited in less than 24 hours at Christmas!

It was definitely A Christmas To Remember!

The Family!

The Friends!

The Food!

The Fellowship!

All of it—Fantastic and Memorable!
It almost made me wonder—in the back of my head—is it so perfect this year…for a reason?

Maybe I am supposed to stop and take this all in—all of the joy and love and peace and happiness.

Because there may be a time coming when we really will cherish our Christmas to Remember!

We just don’t know—

Life—at least MY life—has a way of turning on a dime!

All of this joy—could be gone—and suddenly, all that I love and hold dear is no longer available. To me.

But I know—He who wakes me up each and every day also holds my future in His hands…

And I continue to TRUST—even IF next Christmas is NOT like this one—

Jesus is STILL my Reason for the Season!

I will need you to remind me of that NEXT year please—just in case—I am enduring a painful period.

You can’t say “that will never happen to me!”

Because the Word says that it “rains on the just and the unjust!” Matthew 5:45.

My friend Derrick is enduring the hardest Christmas of his life—without his beloved Sandy.

My relative is enduring the hardest Christmas of her life—without her beloved Aunt.

You see—none of us are insulated or exempt from the harshness of life—and next year?

It could be me.

It could be you.

So… no matter what we will face one year from today—

Take a moment…

Breathe it all in…

Cherish the life experienced…

Revel in the memories made…

Hold on to the pictures taken—in your mind and on your lens.

All of it—just may be…

Preparation for comfort and solace being stored up…for a different kind of…

A Christmas to Remember!

Maybe you should stop—just for a moment—and take stock of the wonderful life you have…

All that is good in your life, all that makes you feel loved and blessed and treasured…

And Thank GOD for your wonderful life!

Because—next year—only God knows—what lies in store.

But for this moment—I rejoice in the “most wonderful time of the year” Bella and I had—

The priceless memories made, the life shared, the joy expressed, the peace felt—

All of it…

Thank you for being part of our…

Christmas To Remember!



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All the presents are wrapped…ready to celebrate CHRISTmas!

Merry Christmas everyone around the world!

It’s the one religious holiday that is celebrated around the world on the same day!

Everywhere—it’s Christmas.


Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you considered—what does Christmas mean to YOU?”

See those pics?

The presents are all wrapped and are all lined up, ready to be packed into the back of the car.

The Christmas Tree is on non-stop until we leave to drive home for the holidays!

Christmas is presents and dead trees lit up with lights and funny objects we carry on from year to year.

But what does Christmas really mean to me?

I have to tell you—it’s my favorite time of year!

I have always cherished Christmas time!

I look forward to it all year long—

I even start celebrating right after Labor Day—I really do!

My wife gets so upset with the fact that Christmas seems to overshadow all the holidays leading up to it.

They start displaying Christmas in October—move over Tom Turkey—it’s Black Friday looming in our heads!

But…I don’t mind…I love the anticipation of Christmas!

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From our Family to Yours–Merry Christmas Yall!

I love the planning of Christmas…

I love the buying of Christmas…

I love the sharing of gifts of Christmas…

But mostly, I love the true meaning of Christmas!

My Lord and Savior was sent from Heaven to be the Greatest Gift ever Given!

Wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger in a stable in Bethlehem…

JESUS—our Messiah!

Was born to save us from our sins!

And I celebrate the CHRIST in Christmas!

That’s not very popular these days!

We have become a nation led by minorities!

I respect all faiths—well, maybe not atheism—not believing in anything just seems uneducated and not thought out!

How could all of this just have evolved and happened and no Greater Power involved?

I don’t subscribe to that—

But the other faiths—okay, so they believe differently—I respect their right to do that.

But—their right does NOT supersede my right to also believe—and my country was based on my right to believe in Christ!

If I were in Iraq or Iran—I would not expect them to say Merry Christmas during Ramadan holiday.

I would not demand it—I would respect that—I am in their country where their beliefs are the prevailing beliefs of the land.

But for some reason…in America—it is NOT politically correct to say Merry Christmas!

We are bullied into saying Happy Holidays!

Well—I don’t give in to bullies!

Never have, Never will!

As Jett would say “That’s bowling and bowling is bad—no one should bowly me!”

He pronounces bullying as bowling—so cute, but still—so true!

So the true meaning of Christmas is Christ was sent from Heaven—the Greatest Gift ever given!

To save this world from its sin and provide a way for us to be redeemed and restored into a right relationship with God!

The One True LIVING God!

And that’s what I proclaim as loud as I can—to all those BOWLING me to say Happy Holidays!

I say “Merry CHRISTmas!”  

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Merry CHRISTmas to all.. and to all a Good Night!

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Merry Christmas
From Savannah!

“For unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a SAVIOR—Christ, the Lord!” Luke 2:11


In a nutshell—that’s what Christmas is all about—the Savior, the Christ, the Lord!

We can camouflage it all we want with Santas and reindeer and presents and eggnog—

All of it attempts to divert attention from the Stable and the manger in it…

To a Jolly old elf in spite of himself.

But the bottom line is—A Gift was given From Heaven to Earth—that changed the world.


And on December 25th—on every continent in the World—we will be celebrating this Gift!

It’s the ONLY religious celebration that happens on the same day around the world—

With so many participants—all of whom acknowledge the Savior, the Christ, the Lord!

The Savior—it had to be someone who could save us from our sin.

The Christ – it had to be someone of deity, connecting us to God.

The Lord – it had to be someone we would see as the representative of God Himself here on earth.

The Old Testament called Him Emmanuel – God with us!

The New Testament called Him JESUS- Messiah to His people!


He is the single most popular historical person of all time!

He has the number one Best Selling Book of all time written about Him.

He is followed by millions and millions around the world who call Him Savior, Christ, Lord!


He is the Gift given by Jehovah God to reconcile His creation to Him and atone for their sin against Him.

This Gift…sent to save the world!

I wrote a song called “The Gift” a few years back—the words still ring true:


On this night, so long ago

A baby born to Mary

Of all those around, only she would know

The burden her boy would carry

For all of us…

  Sitting here…

    Saved by her sweet Son

He was sent to earth

  To give a gift

    That could never be outdone

Can you buy prednisone over the counter in mexico, Buy prednisone overnight delivery

The gift He gave

The gift He brought

From His Father

Looking down on each of us

His gift was wrapped

In swaddling clothes

To someday hang on top a tree

He was born to die

To give the gift of life

So willingly….

He gave His gift

To you and me.


Two thousand years

Have passed since then

This gift still given freely

To those who seek

They all will find

Their blinded eyes will see

His gift of love

Sent long ago

Still just as new as then

Still changing lives

His gift of life

Still celebrating

That night when…..

The gift He gave

The gift He brought

From His Father

Looking down on each of us

His gift was wrapped

In swaddling clothes

To someday hang on top a tree

He was born to die

To give the gift of life

So willingly….

He gave His gift

To you and me.

It still tells the story…that was written long ago…

About a young couple who were chosen to raise the son of God as their own.

Knowing that someday—their son would rise and make the greatest sacrifice—His life.

The Word says that Mary pondered these things in her heart.

How did she bear the pain of knowing that her sweet little boy would someday bear the weight of the world?

In the end, she was just a mother, of a son, whom she loved with her whole heart.

And yet—she always knew—someday her boy would have to step into His call for His life…

And save the world.

Today, as the world stops to celebrate our Living Savior, Christ and Lord…

He is still changing lives—everyone who calls Him Savior will be redeemed from their sin—and see Him soon!

You can also be one of us who look to His soon appearing—

Just pause right now, and know that the babe in the swaddling clothes, wrapped up in the manger…

Became the Lamb of God, who hung on the cross, sacrificing His precious blood so you could be saved!

All you have to do is—Accept the Greatest Gift Ever Given—say Yes to Jesus!

Now THAT would be the BEST Christmas of ALL!





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Alan and The love of his life at our Recommitment Ceremony!

He was always supposed to be the one to die first.

He was always sick with his diabetes—self inflicted because he would not stay on his diet.

Every summer, without fail, when vacation time came around in August…

He always took 2 weeks and his three boys thought “Beach! Road Trip! Fun!”

Nope—he would check himself into the hospital because his diabetes was out of control.

Again—self inflicted.

But…we always thought he would die first.

And then…she did!

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you got the shock of your life—and it made you weak in the knees?”

I remember that sick feeling of startled bewilderment—“but wait—that’s not supposed to happen—She’s supposed to live longer!”

And that’s exactly how I felt sitting in the Emergency Room with my wife Monday night—looking at the love of my life—in such pain!

She had never been sick in 15 years of marriage—never had any ailment or needed any treatment.

But today—she was so sick, this woman who has a HIGH tolerance for pain, was…crying with tears streaming down her face.

And I couldn’t do a thing to stop the pain—or take her place—or protect her from this.

Or protect me from this sick feeling that “oh no! it’s happening all over again! But, I’m supposed to leave first!”

She had an ashen look to her skin.

She was grimacing in pain.

She was beside herself in fear that maybe, just maybe this was happening to her.

I could tell for the first time in our lives, my wife was scared.

She thought she was having a heart attack.

She thought this was serious enough and hurting enough that… she drove herself to the hospital.

She worried enough about the possible consequences that she called my best friend and asked her to call me and let me know.

Let me know that she was okay, she wasn’t dying, she wasn’t having a heart attack.

None of those things she believed at that moment.

And there we were—waiting to be seen, hoping this was nothing, praying for a miracle.

And realizing that—she could be the one to go first.

And that—scared me to my core!

Funny thing is—we can pray all we want, and I am a big proponent of prayer, but…

When God calls you—He doesn’t call twice—He doesn’t need to- we hear His voice and respond—by coming!

But I was hoping that He was not calling Monday night—not calling the love of my life home—not to leave me alone.

And yet—I was also reliving that startled bewilderment that I experienced back when I was 17, a senior in high school…

And my Mama heard God calling, and… in an instant, she was gone.

Even though we always predicted—he would go first.

Until he didn’t.

Just a sobering few days—realizing that One Unexpected Event can change the course of your future—

And you can’t do a thing to stop it—when He calls you, you cannot say NO!

And now, she is home—washing dishes—something she likes to do—

And yet—I look at her with these eyes filled with tears and a heart filled with fear—

She almost left me—what would I have done?

I am just so thankful that He didn’t call—and I don’t have to figure out what to do.

She is here—she is safe—she is loved!

And I intend to keep her that way— and hope that HE calls ME first!


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My Faithful Five who are Six– God’s gift to me!

This weekend, on 12/13/14…Bella and I renewed our wedding vows! 15 glorious years!

Our Wedding in the Sand—as I like to call it—since it was on the Beach…

We celebrated in the presence of our closest friends and family.

I like to call them the “Faithful Five who are Six!”

They are my “go to crew!”

Those friends who have supported my wife and me in spirit, prayer and encouragement.

They are the ones who believe in us and support us with their continued commitment to US!

These are the friends who stick closer than a brother—they have established a covenant with us.

A covenant?

Yes—that’s a spiritual term that says they didn’t just make a promise to us—

They sealed it in Heaven with Heaven expecting them to keep their promise.

Serious stuff, huh?

You Betcha!

My friends—they can be counted on!

For what?

For- reinforcements!

For- We Can Do This!

For- I love your idea—run with it!

For- No matter what bad news you get—God is the only report we believe!

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Our favorite picture–
With our grandkids
Jett and Cali!

That’s the kind of true friends that I have.

And they are also the kind of friends who will come…

To your ceremony…

From Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Valrico, Brandon, Riverview, Land O’Lakes, Seffner, Orlando…

They travelled just to be a part of our Wedding In The Sand!

And it was memorable.

Priceless actually.

As I looked around at those assembled—

Family—two daughters, a son-in-law, a son and his wife, a godson and his wife, two grandkids.

And my Faithful Five Who are Six—

I reminisced about how they came into my life—and into my heart.

There is the Sunday School Teacher who honored us by preaching our ceremony.

Two coworkers—one from 30 years ago, the other from 5 years ago.

A neighbor from 30 years ago—she couldn’t make it, but she was there in spirit.

A cousin who is now my sister.

And a sister-in-law who is my BFF-Best Friend Forever!

I marveled at the love and support these people give me.

My favorite scripture is Proverbs 18:24…

A man who has friends must show himself friendly…

And there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother!

His name is Jesus—and He has always been my closest friend.

And he has given me these friends who are God’s gift to me.

As I saw my friends, who did not know each other… start to talk and get to know each other…

I thanked the good Lord up above for making a way for my friends to become friends.

And that was an answered prayer.

As the ceremony proceeded, there was joy and laughter and tears and kind words.

We shared a moment together—one that really will last a lifetime.

I had planned this event for 10 months—I had such great expectations.

But…the reality was so much better than the expectations.

True friends are God’s life preservers – He sends them your way to help you survive this life.

And with this eclectic crew of faithful friends—I will survive this thing called life…

Floating down the stream of one unexpected event after another…

Secure in the knowledge that God always sends a life preserver—He will NOT let you sink!

And to my Faithful Five who are Six—

Which I have to explain—when my Forever Friend Sandy was promoted to Heaven earlier this year—

The gentlemen who are friends got promoted into the Faithful Five—

My ladies had to move over for the Brothers in my life—Teeto and Butch!

And now—Belinda, Suzann, Shawn, Kay, Butch and Teeto—my Faithful Five who are Six—

Are the life preservers God sent me to keep me afloat down the stream called life!

And I know that 7 of us will always be available, committed and present in each other’s lives!

That’s a promise these true friends have made and have proven—we keep!

I am a good friend—my Bella tells me that all of the time—

I earn my friendships by keeping my commitments, keeping their secrets, and being their prayer partner.

And that’s what a good friend does—shows himself to be friendly and trustworthy and available.

What about you?

Who are your life preservers?

What kind of friend are you?

What kind of friend do you deserve?

That—only you know!

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Our Faithful Family and Friends..we are so Blessed!



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Join me–let’s start an Attitude of Gratitude Revolt!

Got a call from someone I haven’t spoken to in 22 years!

I was startled that he contacted me—our last communication was not really pleasant.

I kind of had to take a hard stand that caused a rift in our friendship.

Unfortunately, I have had to do that more than I would like in my lifetime.

But I know—Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it and…right is right even if no one is doing it!

And I side on the right—even when it’s a very unpopular place to be.

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you got a call that just surprised you to your core?”

He said that he has been wanting to call me for 4 months now. He has been thinking about me and knew my life and knew that I would be the person to talk to about this situation he was going through.

We talked as if no time had elapsed.

We even reminisced about the good times we shared 22 years ago and how they were some of our fondest memories.

It was like old friends who had not skipped a beat.

He told me that he knew that I was consistent in my Christianity and he had observed how I lived my life in a nonjudgmental, loving way, being fair but with high moral standards that did not budge depending on the person—they applied to everything and everyone.

I explained to him that I may never be a conventional Christian but I am certainly a consistent Christian—I am the same at work as I am at Wal-Mart of in my backyard or in my living room!

I also told him that I have learned that I will stand alone before God someday so…in the end, I am only responsible for giving account for the one life that I live before God—so I have to always remind myself to work on me—and let God work on the others!

I reminded him of a lesson I taught his Youth Group when I was their Youth Pastor.

It was the parable of the Talents—but the one where the guy is so scared that he wraps the talent in a napkin and buries it in the backyard.

I explained why God was so furious at him for doing that.

The others had been given 2 and brought back 4; another was given 5 and brought back 10.

Percentage wise—it was the same—a 100% return on his investment.

And then there was the one given the least—1 talent—and yet—he couldn’t even produce any return on the investment.

Because of Fear!

I reminded him that God has given us the talents He meant for us to have—but HE wants to see—

What will we produce with the talents we’ve been given?

Where is the return on HIS investment?

And what will we say when He asks “What did you do with what I gave you?”

It’s as simple as that.

And here we were—22 years later—catching up—and reflecting on what WE did with what HE gave us.

And we both hoped AND prayed that…

He will be happy with HIS return on HIS investment in US!

What have YOU done with what HE gave you?

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May this always be our motto…as we move on!

Today I dedicated my godson Shane’s new home—

It’s their first home.


As we gathered together to bequeath a blessing upon their home, I was humbly honored.

As his godfather, I had the honor of anointing the front door and praying the blessing upon his home.

He and his lovely wife Jessica committed “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15.

Here was Sandy’s family, gathered in a circle, while we blessed her son’s first home.

And she was nowhere around.

And I didn’t mention her at all in the prayer or the blessing.

I had planned to. I meant to. I wanted to.

But I always ask the Holy Spirit to lead and direct me—and He did, so I didn’t.

And yet—it felt in my spirit that it was just how it was supposed to me.

Because… we are all… Moving On.

We have to. We don’t want to. We wish we didn’t have to, but… we do.

Her husband Derrick was in that circle—he misses her so much—first holidays without her.

Yet—he was helping their son move in and put together new beds and set their home in place.

He was moving as best as he can right now—and I am so proud of him.

All of this in my spirit led me to have this deep conversation with my wife.

How do we just move on?

When someone has been an indispensible indelible integral part of our life?

And now—they are gone.

While we were speaking—I was groping for the right words to articulate what I was sensing.

And suddenly, it came to me…

“No one is paramount to life—Life is life unto itself—it does not stop because we do—

It goes on—and so should we!”

My wife asked me what “paramount” meant.

I explained “Paramount is the part that must be in place for something to continue, prosper, thrive, work!”


“It is paramount to this project that we get that part in place.”

“The application’s implementation is paramount to the success of our company!”

“It is paramount to your well being that you take care of your health and exercise and eat properly!”


And yet—no one BUT GOD is paramount to life continuing.

We want to believe that our individual impact on someone’s life is why they can move and live and exist.

People say “I just can’t imagine living if this one or that one dies—like my parents, my children, my spouse!”

I have heard people say “If Mr. Wilson passes, Mrs. Wilson will go soon too—she can’t live without him!”

Well guess what? Mrs. Wilson just turned 94—she has “lived” 12 years without Mr. Wilson!

Life goes on—and so should we—we have to—out of respect to the one who gives all life—God!


And be thankful!

Philippians 4:6 says “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God!”


Always Be Thankful!

Even for live itself—even when it suddenly changes and that person you knew you couldn’t live without is gone.

Choose to be thankful that you are still here—breathing and able to share your life with those among the living.

And remember:

“Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!” I Thessalonians 3:13-14

Sandy has attained—she has been rewarded—she is in Heaven—her prize has been given out!

And someday—we too will see Him face to face—our Lord, our Savior, our Redeemer!

But until then….MOVE ON!

“Life is for the living—don’t waste it on the dead!”

Rose Matilda Scaglione said that—my dearly departed mother!

And I get it—no one, nothing is “paramount” to our living BUT GOD!

Just ask Mrs. Wilson—she is proving us all wrong—and smiling everyday she wakes up and says

“Thank you, Lord!”




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New homeowners–My godson Shane and Jessica and their beautiful girls!

When is the last time you just had to say—yep, God had His Hand in it!

My godson Shane has had a whirlwind 10 days—and he is shouting glory to God because he sees God’s hand in what happened.

And I have to admit—so do I.

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you had no way to explain a strange turn of events—but to say “God!”

So, my godchildren Shane and Jessica have been saving for their first house for over 4 years—their “Someday” house!

They haven’t been able to do much about it—raising four daughters has a way of taking up all of your time and resources.

But…2014 was going to be their year for the house—Shane’s mom Sandy wanted them to find a home for their family.

I personally think that Angel Sandy bombarded Heaven for her son and daughter.

And as I know about my forever friend—she does not give up until she gets her way.

So Shane and Jess started working on their credit woes—throwbacks from previous relationships that still hang on for 10 years.

Shane started calling the creditors and became a professional negotiator at bargaining down the amount owed and paid back.

Then came the realtor.

They started looking on November  15th

They looked at 6 houses—count them, 6!

He liked one house; she liked another.

His godfather reminded him “happy wife, happy life!”

His married buddies said the same thing!

He is becoming wise in his old age of 33—he went to his wife and said “if you want that house—we will go for that house!”

That was on November 18th—they put the offer on the house!

A five bedroom, two story 2006 beautiful home just perfect for the girls to have their own room and an upstairs family room.

And then there was Thanksgiving!

I guessed that this would be going on way into December—Jessica’s birthday is in late January, so…maybe in the house by then?

Nope—They closed on November 28th—the Friday after Thanksgiving!

They had a rough time at closing, but God was in the middle of it.

Shane and Jess had to come up with extra money they didn’t expect to pay—and it had to be in a check that day!

Jess looked for her checkbook—when she found it—it had exactly ONE check left in it.

The realtor wanted to pay them back for what they had to shell out but legally—she could not!

But…she called them on Saturday and said “I have just gifted you with FREE MOVING people!”

That’s about a thousand dollars gift!

And it’s all been God!

The kids are just elated and grinning ear to ear—all 4 of them were sharing one bedroom/2 sets of bunk beds—NOT anymore!

And their parents—they are just floored with how God has been in the midst of all of this—they closed in TEN DAYS!

Who does that?

Nobody does—Unless God is in it!

So… you can doubt and express your reservations as to how this “just happened to work out”—

But as for me and GrandPa—


By the way—if you are in Land O’Lakes, Florida this next Saturday—come give us a hand—

We’re moving in!