Points2Ponder-What Would You Leave Behind?

This is the face of "a life well lived!"
This is the face of “a life well lived!”

Mortality… something we never think about.


Well… it’s something I have been thinking about a lot.

There’s a poem I live by called “That Man is a Success”…

Here it is:

That Man Is A Success…

Who has lived well,

Laughed often and loved much;

Who has gained the respect

Of intelligent men

And the love of children;

Who has filled his niche

And accomplished his task;

Who leaves the world better

Than he found it,

Whether by an improved poppy,

A perfect poem

Or a rescued soul;

Who never lacked appreciation

Of earth’s beauty

Or failed to express it;

Who looked for the best in others

            And gave the best he had.

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you thought about… dying… and what you’re leaving behind?

I have lived my life with this poem in mind.

Over the years, I have gone through the checklist:

Have I laughed often and loved much?

Have I gained the respect of intelligent men?

 – I didn’t care about buffoons—I just wanted intelligent men to respect me!

Do children love me?

Have I filled my niche ?

Have I accomplished my task?

Have I left the world better…either by a poem I’ve written or… or rescuing a soul?

Have I stopped to appreciate earth’s beauty and paused to express it?

I remember seeing the Grand Canyon, and I wrote a poem that said “I saw God’s footprint today!”

Have I looked for the best in others?

Have I given the best I have?

As I look in the mirror, and that man looking back looks older than I feel…

I pause and realize… soon—I will not be looking at him again.

Sooner than I want to accept.

But… when that time comes…

Will I be satisfied to know…I have lived a life well lived?

There’s so much that I still want to do…

But… IF I don’t get to do one thing more…

Am I satisfied that I have lived well, loved much and appreciated the blessings bestowed upon me?

And the answer… for me…

Is Yes!

I am completely satisfied with the life that I’ve been given, the life I have lived, the journey I have taken.

Even with the extreme emotional pain that others have inflicted on me, the betrayal of loved ones, the loss of dear ones…

Still—I will close my eyes for the last time and smile!

I gave the best I had!

Not that I am planning to go anywhere anytime soon!

I’ve always said “I’ve got my reservation made, but…I am NOT in a hurry to get there!”

But, what about you?

Are you satisfied that you have had a life well lived?

Do you feel like you gave it the best you had?

And…if not, why not?

At some point…we really do have to stop blaming others for the fact that we are not happy with ourselves.

Yes—they did something horrific and traumatizing to you—

BUT – what will you do with the rest of your life?

Haven’t THEY stolen enough time from you?

How about taking it back, living your life, making those memories, giving your BEST!

This is not a “Rah! Rah!” cheerleader speech!

It’s a checkpoint, reality check statement – IF you died today, would you be satisfied with the life you lived?

Not “what you didn’t get to do” stuff—

It’s the “what I got to do made me feel exuberance, exhilaration, ecstasy! Joy and Peace, wrapped up into Passion!

Don’t die wondering what passion feels like.

Don’t let anyone take that opportunity to “laugh ‘til you peed your pants” away from you.

Don’t stop caring, because that’s really when you stop living!

Time is ticking, and it waits for no man…or woman!

IF you haven’t lived “a life well lived”….

Get at it!



Reflections of…Teaching

My godson and his beautiful family!
My godson and his beautiful family!


You see that family?

That’s my godson, his lovely wife and their beautiful four daughters.

Suzette, Amber, Gabby and Aleia!

They are my nieces—I know that because… they call me Uncle Alan.

That’s what they decided I was to them—Uncle.

They knew that I was Shane’s godfather and that I had performed the wedding ceremony of their parents.

But…I had become something more to them… I was now going to be their Uncle.

And… I was the guy who always brought Sunday School to their living room.

We started with Easter… what it meant and how it affected us…

We learned the word Golgotha—as in Golgotha’s Hill… the place of the skull.

Then we continued at Christmas… explaining the true meaning of Christ’s birth.

And Gabby remembered Golgotha!

They know Uncle Alan as that guy who teaches them Bible stories.

And they asked their parents if Uncle Alan would teach them about water baptism.

Yes—water baptism! I didn’t see that one coming.

The girls decided that they wanted to be water baptized, but… they weren’t sure what it meant.

Two of them come from a catholic background, so…they heard it was just water on their head.

And… they wanted Uncle Alan to explain it to them and teach them about it.

No problem.

The Bible says that “the older will teach the younger” (Titus 2:2-5)

That’s our responsibility.

Not to sit on a couch, watching TV all day, declaring “I’m done! I did my life—now leave me alone!”

Nope—that’s not God’s way.

He sends people into our lives so they can teach us!

My guide was my father in the Lord – Gordon Henry!

He taught me to love the scripture and serve the Lord with zeal and passion and love and dedication.

And to never give up learning more about God—and to always GIVE BACK because YOU’VE been GIVEN!

That’s the reason I get so frustrated with people who are “retired in place!”

They know who they are—they just think their job is done—“so leave me the heck alone!”

When God invests in “you” time and talent—HE expects a return on HIS investment!

And that means—someday I was to be a Gordon Henry into someone’s life.

Someone like…Suzette or Amber or Gabby or Aleia.

That was my responsibility—to be willing and able to teach the younger about the ways of the Lord.

No one does that anymore.

No one takes that expectation and accepts it and—follows through with it!

But… I knew—when Gordon was teaching me—that someday, I’d be teaching them!

And now… they wanted to know about water baptism.

And here we were again… our “Saturday Sunday School” in their living room.

And I took them to the best example of why we should be water baptized.

Because Jesus was!

We went to Matthew 3:16 and saw that Jesus asked John the Baptist to water baptize Him.

And we talked about an American Flag being in the yard was a symbol that we were proud of being Americans.

But… being born in America is what made us Americans.

How water baptism is an outer symbol to the world that we love the Lord inside our hearts.

But what mattered most was… we loved the Lord inside our hearts.

And then… it happened.

I felt like the Lord was urging me to…

Ask these girls if… they wanted to ask Jesus to come into their heart.

I explained the ABCs of Salvation:

Admit you need Jesus-the Savior

Believe that He is the Savior

Confess Him as your Savior!

And they each raised their hands that they wanted to be saved.

And then… I had their parents come sit with them, holding hands and doing this together, as a family.

And Aunt Bella was there too… arms around the girls.

And we said the Sinners Prayer together—all eight of us.

And then… we opened our eyes and realized… they were filled with tears.

The girls were crying, their mom was crying and… even their dad was wiping away tears.

In the middle of their living room—a miracle had taken place.

Gordon would have been sooooo proud!



Points2Ponder-Describe You In One Word!


"How would you describe this guy?"
“How would you describe this guy?”


I’ve have often been described as Type – A.

My cardiac doctor said that negatively when he explained how I had a heart attack at age 49.

He said “You Type-A’s don’t ever stop for anything—until anything stops you! And gets your attention! Serious as a heart attack!”

I have often been asked what part of New York I was from?

I tell them Seffner—they then say “what borough is that in?”

And I smile and say “Florida!”

And they are astounded—I’m from Florida?

I’m not from New York City?

I guess you could say that I am focused, driven, on-point, assertive.

And yeh, sometimes, maybe even aggressive.

None of which normally go along with the description  that I am most proud of –“Southern Gentleman!”

Point2Ponder           What’s the one word people use to… describe you?

I have a part time job that I do for my publishing company who I publish my books through—Xulon Press.

I am their reporter and interview their most successful authors and compile the information into an interview which is distributed on our

Website www.xulonpressblog.com in a column called Successful Author Spotlight.

Check it out sometime—very interesting Christian authors who are changing their world with their commitment to be a change champion.

I also provide my opinion of the experiences I have had with publishing both of my books with Xulon.

So occasionally, they will enlist me as a testimonial for prospective authors who want to know that the process was like.

They will call or email me, and I set up some time, on my own dime, to answer their questions and share my experiences.

It’s a way of paying it forward—I was once that new author who was scared and unsure and needed sage advice—and received it.

So now—it’s my turn.

I got a call from a rep who wanted to have someone call me for a testimonial.

I wholeheartedly offered my services to answer any questions they may have.

She thanked me and said “Alan, everyone in the office is so excited with your passion: to help, to write, to share, to encourage, to inspire!”

Then she continued and said “Please don’t ever lose your passion—that’s the one word everyone around uses for you—and it’s refreshing!”



The one word used to describe me…

And yet—I have heard that all of my life—from colleagues, from friends, from family… I am a passionate person.

I have always said “there’s no wonder in me—if I love you, you know it; if I don’t, you know it!”

But to hear a colleague I have never met tell me that people describe me with that one word—it was surprising.

It caused me to reflect—is that the one word that I want used to describe me?

I am an “all out” or “all in” kind of guy.

I have often said that I see emotions in colors—and I talk about my Bright Red Moments!

And I won’t trade anything for a Bright Red Moment—priceless!

My praise is passionate—my relationships are passionate—my consecration is passionate.

And yet—I never ever think about it.

Until I heard her say “that’s the one word everyone uses to describe you!”

And I pondered on that word… and I dug deep inside my soul, and I realized…

No better word I could pick—

To live an ordinary life extraordinarily well—that’s always been my goal!

And if my passion is contagious, then let me set the world on fire!

There’s a whole lot worse words for people to use to describe you, right?

Right—I’m okay with “passion!”

Just makes me wonder—

What Word do they use to describe you?

And… are you happy with that description?

And… if not, what are you willing to do… to change it?

Think about it…



Reflections of… Prayer!

"Jett in his bowling shoes!"
“Jett in his bowling shoes!”

Reflections Of… Prayer!

It had been a great weekend so far.

I had spent the day on a playdate with Jett.

Just me and Nano’s Little Buddy.

He and I went to the bowling alley and bowled.

He loved it!

He didn’t quite get the concept of back and forth, taking turns, bowling.

Nah! He liked it so much—he bowled 6 times in a row—even IF it said my name three of those times.

Hey…he’s a 4 year old… with his Nano!

The rules are whatever Jett says they are!

We went to Wal-Mart—to get a toy!

I know, I know…I’m working on it…

What am I working on?

Apparently, Jett now thinks “everyone” should bring him presents just because Nano always brings him a present.

And apparently, it’s my mess to fix.

Guess I will work on that next visit.

But today, Jett led the way to the Skylanders section.

He just had to have ShroomBroom!

And, after much indecisiveness and a few trips back to the Skylanders display…Jett was sure he wanted ShroomBroom!

And then lunch…

Did I mention that we were in Wal-Mart?

Did I mention that they have a McDonald’s in Wal-Mart?

Did I mention that we are not the kind of people who eat in the McDonald’s in Wal-Mart?

Guess I forgot to mention that to Jett!

He thought it was cool and decided that’s where he wanted to have lunch.

And remember the rule—Jett gets to decide whatever we do—so, there I was, in the McDonald’s in Wal-Mart, having lunch.

If my friends could see me now!

I deposited him back with his parents—and I knew—it had been a priceless moment with my grandson!

The rest of my day was spent at My Adult Toy Store…

Home Depot!

I love that place! I could spend hours in there—just looking at new gadgets and old tools—things I want to do with our house.

But probably never will!

Bella and I had dinner with my brother and his wife at a place on the beach where we have never been.

I had taken a sunset picture with my brother—and not with my wife—how random is that? How funny!

"My Big Brother and me at Sunset!"
“My Big Brother and me at Sunset!”

We got home and were settling in for the night… after a very enjoyable, rewarding, peaceful, fun-filled day!

9:46 pm!

Phone rings!

I can see that it’s my friend Sandy… a bit late for her to be calling. I know her pattern…she is usually asleep by now.

Unless… she can’t sleep and wants to talk.

“Hey friend…you’re up late!” I answered the phone.

“I need you to pray for me—I’m on my way to the Emergency Room!”

She went on to explain why she was going.

And I said “Let’s pray now!”

And we did!

We prayed like it mattered—because it did!

We prayed like she mattered – because she does!

We prayed like we believed He was listening—because He was!

As she hung up the phone… she thanked me for praying… I told her I always will, and she said “I know. I can count on that!”

And those words just hung out there—and made me wonder “Who do we know will pray when we ask?”

I have my Faithful Five—who I turned around and notified of Sandy’s situation so they could pray for my forever friend!

But, in a world of casual Christianity, seeker friendly, “don’t want to offend” religion—

who stands out when we need someone to stand up?

The Word says “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man or woman avails much!”

In other words “Those who know how to pray effectively and are in right standing with God are heard and given attention!”

What makes “those prayer warriorsThose?

The one you call. The one you text. The one you know—will pray!

And are you Those?


Points2Ponder-Letting Go Of A Dream

Max meets Kobe! The passing of the baton! The New Improved Dream!
Max meets Kobe! The passing of the baton! The New Improved Dream!

So I always said… “My next car will be a BMW 745!”

And I meant it—all 10 years that I have been saying it.

All those 10 years while I’ve been driving my 1997 Ford Expedition.

Driving it through 6 teenagers, one of which is a son!

And that son decided to take his friends on a wild ride on rainy night…

That would be the night I got the call about the “flat tire!”

That’s what my 16 year old son called it—funny though, the AAA guy said “This rim is bent—he did more than just get a flat tire!”

My $400 rim—that was somehow bent from getting a flat tire.

Yeh—about that!

I found out about 5 years later that—he was doing crazy 8’s with the truck, on a rainy night, to impress his friends…

And…hit the curb, causing the “bent rim”!

The things you find out years later!

I always called my truck “Max!” I’d say “To the Max, Max!” and the kids would go “Papa, that’s so corny!” or “lame”, or “mature!”

Depending on the teenager—I told you we had 6 of those, right?

But the deal was—no Beamer until—Max died!

Did I mention that Ford Trucks are Ram Tough? Yep—287,000 miles later—Max is still kicking—at 12 miles per gallon—but, still runs like a champ.

I was never getting my BMW!

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you had to let go of a dream because… it just wasn’t what you wanted anymore?

So… 15 years later, I still have Max!

And… 15 years later, Max still runs like a champ.

And … 15 years later, I am no closer to getting that BMW 745 series!

But… funny thing is… 15 years later, that BMW drives by me, and where as I used to just daydream about someday owning that car…

Today? I just go “Wow! Pretty car, but… I would NOT want those payments!”

Yeh—funny thing happened in the last 15 years…I got closer to retirement!

And that means—closer to realizing that—I do not want a house payment for a car!

Nope—I had to let go of that dream—not that I don’t remember how much I salivated every time I saw that 745 wiz by me all those years.

But, I accepted that some dreams—are just that—dreams—and for me, I want to scale down, spend less, travel more, and prepare for my “slow down” years!

Whatever that means?

Bottom line is—sometimes we have to reevaluate our dreams and reassess their likelihood of ever becoming a reality.

And for me—that BMW will continue to wiz by…I just won’t be salivating anymore.

Nope—I readjusted my dream! I relocated my vision! I revamped my priorities!

Did I mention how much I love those Rappin’ Thug Hampsters?

You know the ones—“Well you can go with this, or you can go with that!”

I think they sell a little scootabout called a Kia Soul!

Well—I have loved that little car since it came out a few years ago!

Definitely NOT a BMW!


Definitely NOT a house payment to pay for either!

And… 30 miles per gallon!

Hello!!! I said 30 mpg versus 12 mpg!

Well… “Max… meet Kobe Soul!”

Yep—we did it!

We just “readjusted” the Dream—and bought a 2014 Kia Soul!

And—I love it!


And to prove it—

A BMW 745 passed me by this weekend!

I heard Kobe Soul say “That’s okay—we’re planning a Road Trip to New England!”

At 30 miles per gallon?                                                                        

Heck—I’m  planning a trip to Hawaii!


Reflections of… Endurance!

"Learning to dance In The Rain!"
“Learning to dance In The Rain!”

What a wonderful week of fruition it has been.

If 2013 was the year of testing…

Then 2014 has so far…been the year of reward!

All because—we never gave up, we never stopped believing, we never doubted He had an answer.

We just didn’t expect the answer He had!

So many times—so many people will ask me to pray and say “Please pray that God makes a way of escape for me!”

Everyone wants to escape—everyone wants to be rescued.

But what if???

What if… God wanted to teach us something by NOT RESCUING us!

What if… The lesson to be learned was in ENDURING the test!

Two examples

Sandy and her ferocious faith inspire me!
Sandy and her ferocious faith inspire me!

Our dear friend Sandy was given a death sentence last June 10th when the oncologist said

“you are stage 4 with less than 6 months to live. It is too late to stop the cancer—“

Then they said “why not go on a cruise—something you’ve always wanted to do!”

After the dust settled, and the realization set it…Sandy figured out what she always wanted to do—

She wanted to LIVE!!!

This woman of ferocious faith endured three rounds of grueling chemo and one round of unbearable radiation.

All with the knowledge that the doctors expected her to die by Christmas!

Well…Christmas came and went—and she was still here!

She had her consultation with her oncologist this past Monday.

He sat back and said “the cancer is in every one of your lymph nodes. You should be dying, but… it is contained.

It is NOT touching a single vital organ, and it is NOT spreading! You have terminal stage 4 cancer, but…”

Wait for this…this is the good part…

“But, you just might live a long life WITH cancer! We don’t know, we are dumbfounded—we are stumped—you might just live!”

Take that Devil!

We did NOT expect those words from the oncologist.

God chooses to use the foolishness of the Gospel to confound the wise of this world!

Sandy had always told those doctors “I’m going to beat this – with God’s help—me and Jesus will beat this!”

And…apparently— they did!

But see… God didn’t take it away, like we prayed He would—no, He gave her the strength to endure her way through it!

All because—she chose to believe HIM at HIS Word and she never gave up! Her ferocious faith is an inspiration to us all!

Suzann never gave up, no matter what the disappointment!
Suzann never gave up, no matter what the disappointment!

And then there’s Suzann.

She has been to hell and back also.

September was one year since she had a terrible attack of diverticulitis that landed her in the hospital for over a month.

She had three emergency surgeries, and she had to be revived more than once. It was touch and go more than once.

It took her more than six months to work her way back to a semblance of the health she had before that attack.

Then she started looking for a job.

She looked for six long months.

She went on interview after interview—getting called back for second and third interviews several times.

But… they always chose someone else.

It was so frustrating and disappointing and depressing.

She just wanted to get her life back—and she needed a job to do that!

But… she never gave up—she never gave in—she never gave out!

Like the little engine that could—she kept on believing that God had just the right job out there waiting for her!

She got a call on Tuesday from the large insurance corporate giant who had passed on her three months ago.

Apparently, the person they chose over her—was a terrible choice—and now…THEY WANT SUZANN!

She started work Thursday, making a whole lot more money than she expected—and she loves the new job!

All because—God had a plan to reward those endured the test!

How about you?

Still looking for a helicopter?

When you should be climbing a ladder?

The Bible says in Matthew 24:13 “to him who endures to the end, the same shall be saved!”

You can trust Him to Save you…

Can He trust You… to Endure to the end?

You can do this!




Points2Ponder-Startled By News

Me and my friend Kristy Louise!
Me and my friend Kristy Louise!

Sometimes, life can surprise you.

Sometimes, it can downright slap you in the face.

Sometimes, you can go “What you talkin’ bout Willis?”

Sometimes, life can wake you up and say “I didn’t see that coming!”

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you went to sleep thinking one thing… Just to wake up and be startled by the news you received?

So… about that Florida State University Seminoles versus Auburn University Tigers in the BCC Championship game on my birthday, January 6th!

I have a good friend, let’s call her Kristy Louise, who is a die-hard Auburn fan.

Let’s get one point established early on—when it comes to college football, I am a University of Georgia Bulldog, also known as a DAWG!

However… I am surrounded by a family of Seminoles: my bother in Heaven Joe; my only son Schuyler, my lovely wife Bella, and my “Seminole in training” 4 year old grandson Jett. I say “in training” because Jett thought he wanted to be a Florida Gator, because his cousin Mykai is a Gator. I had to educate Jett on why he had to be a FSU Seminole. He protested, pleading “but why, Nano? I want to be a Gator!” I explained that his father was a Nole, and he had to be a Nole. He put up a good fight, but Jett now declares that “I’m a Nole, right Daddy?” as he looks to his father for affirmation. It really is funny to see!

Back to the game. Kristy Louise started talking about her Auburn Tigers and how they were going to beat the FSU Seminoles—before the game even started!

I advised her to get ready for a “smackdown” on the field.

And the game began… and FSU started losing—miserably!

Kristy Louise sent her first few texts—declaring the Tigers were gonna whoop the Noles.

At half time—it looked like she was right!

What was happening to this 13-0 Team?

I will tell you right now—they were losing!

Here’s the part most people do NOT know about this story.

Did I mention that I was a DAWG?

Did I mention that it was my birthday, shared with the quarterback of the FSU Seminoles?

Did I mention that I was tired?

Did I mention that I went to bed?

I may have omitted that last part.

I always wake up at 7 am each morning—to my lovely bride saying “Get up, it’s time for work!”

Oh how I love her sweet declarations just to start my day off on the right foot!

But this morning, I am in a sound sleep, and the door opens because… she closes it when she gets up at 5:30am.


I jump up out of that sound sleep and go “What the Blank?” and yes, I say the word Blank—not that other word you are thinking of right now!

She declares “I can’t believe it—they pulled it off! Turned it around! Everyone is talking about it!”

I shook my head and said again “What did you just say?”

She repeated herself.

I was sitting straight up in bed, shaking my head, going “Well, I didn’t see that coming!”

I walked in at work and everyone was talking about the game—everyone had stayed up until the very end—just like I had!

Yeh—you read that right—suddenly, I remembered that I had stayed up to watch the very end of the game- what a game it was!

I probably forgot to mention to my co-workers that I went to bed at half-time… convinced that FSU had blown their chances of winning!

And all day long, we talked about what a great game it was and how tired we all are from staying up so late—me included.

Guess I should have felt bad about that, huh?

But nope, I didn’t!




Reflections of… Getting Older


My son and daughter, via skype, and grandkids Celebrate my Birthday!
My son and daughter, via skype, and grandkids Celebrate my Birthday!

I am celebrating my birthday!

It is my 54th ! No way to say that without thinking—man, he’s getting old!

This is where we all laugh a little and then… reminisce about when we thought—54 is SOOO OLD!

Not too many years ago, huh?

Even the Bible talks about aging.

The Psalmist David says in Psalm 37:25…

“I once was young and now I’m old, but I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or His seed out begging bread!”

I have to admit—this one has me thinking about aging.

My mother was 53 when she went to Heaven—so, I am officially older now than my mother was.

I always thought she was sooooo old when I was 17, senior in high school, and she passed away.

But now—I realize—she was just so young to be leaving us so soon.

Guess it’s all your frame of reference.

When I was 17—54 seemed a world away.

Today—I still feel ready to take on new adventures and climb new mountains.

Just not as fast as I did ten years ago.

It’s hard not to think about the inevitable.

At 54—I really am NOT middle age, right?

Not unless I think I will live to be 120!

Nope—not even hoping for that!

But it does have me wondering—what have I learned, what have I gleaned, what have I shared.

During my “low-key” 6 birthday bash weekend—hey, that IS low key for me—I talked with my son about it.

I told him “one thing I can tell you is… I thought I would know more and have more wisdom than I do. I have to be honest son, I feel like I understand less today than I ever have, but… I trust more because God has been faithful through the things I didn’t understand but trusted Him for! So… I understand less but I trust so much more. I can only say that HE works for me—not one regret in serving HIM my whole life! Not a single one!”

My son looks at me smiling and says “Wasn’t there an old ancient guy who said “only a wise man admits he knows nothing!”

Hmmmm? Was that guy turning 54?

I checked it out—I googled the comment and sure enough… some guy named Socrates!

Wonder how old he was when he said it?

Maybe I have learned a thing or two in the last 50+ years—

First, to trust God for everything and second, to realize that I don’t know anything!

Maybe that’s the key to getting older—admitting you just can’t do it without the Lord!

I know I can’t – getting older is NOT for sissies!

It takes guts to look in that mirror each morning—wondering who I will see.

Lately, the guy who keeps showing up has a whole lot less hair on the top of his head than I have.

I feel bad for the guy—I’m sure that his loss of hair makes people think he’s an old man.

I know I do!

Maybe, just maybe—he can get someone to weave hair into the few hairs he has left—so it thickens his hair!

Don’t laugh—that’s exactly what I told my wife I was going to give myself for a birthday present—she nixed that idea!

Instead—She gave me time with people who matter to me.

My lifelong best friend Ellen used to say “I’m not looking for a certain number of friends—I just want some friends I can be certain of!”

I have to say—I get that now—the importance of trusted friendships.

Like my Mama Mamie—my spiritual mother.

My 74 yr old Mama taking a  selfie with me!
My 74 yr old Mama taking a selfie with me!

Like my Lil Sister Stephie, who still calls me Uncle Buck, so her 3 kids call me that also.

Lil Sis Stephie and the whole Foust Family
Lil Sis Stephie and the whole Foust Family

Like my godson Shane and his beautiful bride Jessica.

Godson Shane and Jessica!
Godson Shane and Jessica!

Like my forever friend Sandy May and her fantastic husband, my friend Derrick.

The Mays and The Scags--forever friends!
The Mays and The Scags–forever friends!

Like my cousin (who is now my sister) Belinda and her also January birthday husband Willie.

My sister Belinda and birthday boy Willie
My sister Belinda and birthday boy Willie

Like my best friend forever Kay and my brother Paul.

My BFF Kay and my brother Paul.
My BFF Kay and my brother Paul.

Like my son Schuyler, and his lovely wife Kim and Jess and Cali.

Schuyler and Kim and the kids at my birthday lunch!
Schuyler and Kim and the kids at my birthday lunch!

Like my daughter Ashley who shared our family party via Skype.

My son showing his daughter Cali her Aunt  Ashley via Skype!
My son showing his daughter Cali her Aunt
Ashley via Skype!

Like my gift from God gorgeous bride of 14 years Bella.

Bella in the middle of Jessica and Sandy!
Bella in the middle of Jessica and Sandy!

Low key birthday—just full of my favorite people in this world—and If I leave this world this year—I will be glad I spent my last birthday with them!

But… just so you know—I’ve still got a mountain to climb!

No giving up or sitting down or retiring in me!

The Word says that God knows the beginning and the end of a thing!

I trust HIM to get me to my end—holding HIS hand!


Points2Ponder – Happy New Year 2014

Our YearInAJar 2013
Our YearInAJar 2013


Happy New Year 2014!

As we say goodbye to 2013- we reflect on our fond memories of the year that was!

My top 3 memories for 2013 were:

1 – Cali Harper Scaglione was born on March 6th, 2013 – our Sweet Pea granddaughter, sister to big brother Jett Jameson

2 – My godson Shane Alan Wood’s marriage to his bride Jessica- performing their ceremony was a highlight of my life, not just my year!

3 – The release of my second book, the sequel to One Unexpected Event—Aftermath!

Unfortunately, the mantra Nothing Routine in 2013 brought a lot of unexpected events of the not so happy kind!

Nevertheless—we weathered each storm that came our way as a family united—and protected—under God!

And now—a new book with 365 blank pages await for us to put pen to the page—and live the dream—each and every day!

What you are accessing right now is a dream come true for me—my beefed up, all encompassing, all things Alan—repository for all of my words!

I have always dreamt of having one place where all that I have written, from songs, to poems, to short stories, to excerpts of my novels, to my blogs…

All under one roof—so the man who “draws pictures with his words” can have a home for his paintings!

All because I decided to quit talking about it and… Just do it!

The Bible says “The people perish where there is no vision!”

So? Where’s your vision?

What’s your dream?

When will you be ready to see it unfold?

The journey of a thousand miles starts with… one step!


Point2Ponder     Why don’t we stop and do what we have always wanted to do? Why do we always wait… and never get it done?


So here’s your chance to start something new—for you! All you have to do is… DO!

You deserve to make your dream come true—you deserve to place it as a priority—you deserve to allow yourself to see it thru!

I’ve talked about the “AllThingsAlan” repository for years—

But, now you see it and can experience all of the words God has given to me—I share with you!

Share your dream with me—I will be your accountability partner—to hold you to it—to gentle reminder you that “you deserve it—so do it!”

I have made COMMENTS so easy—Just select the Send me a Comment button—use your email address—and send it to me!

So… you have no excuse—now you can reach me—now you can hear from me—now you can talk to me!

One Last thing!

That “Year in Jar” that you saw in that picture?

That is something Bella and I have been doing for the past 4 years—our Year in a Jar!

We collect memorabilia of anything we experienced in the year—movie ticket stubs, playbills, napkins from weddings, restaurants, calling cards.

And we put them in this jar, starting January 1st thru December 31st—collecting memories of our year in a jar!

And we pull out the jar on New Year’s Eve and put the memories in a scrapbook—and reflect on our year together!

Oh the places we went, or the things we saw, oh the people we met, oh the memories we made!

Might be something you would like to start?

Feel free—I’m all about making moments matter so we can make lifetime memories!

So…Livin’ The Dream in 2014!

I challenge you—I dare you!

Catch the Vision—Live the Dream!

Make Moments Matter In 2014!